Using nitrogen from new recovery tank for push?


He’s wanting to run like me, push di cold solvent over material…since it don’t move like that, and can go lil faster

But damn clear tek may have it


Are you running cold? Solvent in DI for an hr and jacket full of DI for an hr? System vac down and collection in DI? Have your recovery tank in DI also. Once you start to move solvent into your collection pot take it out of the DI and open your recovery port. The recovery tank should create enough vacuum to pull your solvent thru. Then there is the easy way. Just do the clear tech and run hot with your recovery on DI. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


My whole process of it extracting into the base took nearly 6 hours cause its going thru 5 microns. Should i not use a 5 micron screen? Mind you i’m only extracting about a half lb


Its not the filter paper. The solvent wants to go to the lowest temp it can get to. If your material column, collection pot and recovery tank are the same temp it won’t move.


what does run hot mean


and what’s a PV? I’m about to get a pressure regulator. Will any one work?


I run my solvent at room temp or a little warmer.


PRV = pressure relief valve. Nitrogen likes to expand unless its kept compressed in a suitable vessel. This is why your screen blew out I’m assuming. Im not sure what you injected the nitro into but you should have a pressure gauge on it so you can watch your pressure.


This will work right? What kind of prv?


can someone post a link for the pressure relief valve.


And inject through one 2-4um…10-15um.20-25um with ease on normal extraction no nitro…25min 6lbs fuel

I just wanted the nitro for my live and diamonds runs…I can drop the jacket , freeze material,and push solvent that’s so cold it won’t move

Another option in case you want to reroute the gas somewhere else after it vents.

Does anyone use a check valve with their PRVs? To deal with the vacuum side of things. I remember Greywolf mentioning something about it when I was following his threads.


No, i usually just vent it out of an exhaust that goes outside.


Where would i place the prv?


Collection pot


First off u add the bump to the solvent tank not extractor…

I’m sorry bro

I used tonight for first time w great success on my live resin run… Thanks to ppl like @BG305 and @Soxhlet

Solvent tank will never leave the slurry!


This is correct, we only push the material column to get the remaining solvent out. I stopped doing this and just run a line out of the top to a recovery tank now to get whats left.


I think everytjing was the same temp so nothing moved. I bumped my solvent tank with nitro but no flow. I think my injection coil was colder then the rest of the system. I had it on di with denatured alcohol. Material colum was on ice with denatured alcohol and base was in di with denatured alcohol. The collection base didnt have enough dry ice. I was short on di.


Something don’t sound right though…w 50psi it should moved right by the coil…u didn’t open up all the way did u?


I might have opened it all the way