Use of Slow Mode

I can say as someone that brings a lot to the table with helping & figuring shit out, that it in all honesty made me stop replying to others & helping. It’s sad when you can’t even use your amendment rights in a place that you enjoy.

I agree with killa, it should have been voted upon & likely used in a different thread like one people literally just shit post in. Like one between killa & spdking.

It seems as soon as a few folks got things figured out someone got a little upset & hid the post. I can’t blame him for wanting to breathe, but that’s bit what our community is or was about. We’re here for science, not hinderance of it.


I felt I was contributing, albeit in a “poking the bear” sort of way.

Everyone wants to know when they’re gonna hit the market, my meme got @Killa12345 to spill the beans on the first week of April.


love it

Flag that shit as not contributing!

After x # of replys go slow mode

After x # of new flags after slow mode starts do the closed thread thing for x # of days

Think about that stamp thread, it was closed for like 10 days all because of 1 dumb post Elliot made

I think we can do better, this will definetly help keep spdking from going off the rail

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100% they do… you 100% facilitate science… 1 million percent…

I feel like i have a ton to contribute to the thread but you seem to think differently… Im one of the few members here that has smoked the blue stones… talked about them in person in a less public atmosphere.

members know me to be honest about things… but hey im sure you guys have more to contribute to the thread… my bad! LOL continue on!

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I think Elliot is on vacation again, idk if it was forced this time

the constant bickering and politicking definitely gets old, I don’t mind the memes when they’re on topic

shit like this I could do without


You did say you weren’t going to spill the hints though so how is that contributing?

Not even trying to be a dick

i have market knowledge and a bunch of other information i have shared… especially about the experience…


insert dick drawing here

Can’t actually do it because the SS will get me…


Yeah we are testing the Slow Mode feature. I have no problem taking it down if it was causing an issue, but the main complaint right now is ‘I cant post memes and derail the thread’

This is what we dont want. Do you mind expanding and helping me understand.
Also, I have no problem taking Slow Mode back off and will probably do that for you guys.
As always @Killa12345, you are welcome in the kitchen, seems like you can handle me poking you here and there about shit, we all appreciate you and I’m even guilty of liking the memes.
@Hansel easy does it partner


how about this, lets try 15m instead of an hour for a day, it will fall off back into normal mode. Everyone keep an open mind about using this in the future probably how KOTK described it.


On voting. I am pretty convinced people are taking advantage with multiple accounts. I have a few specific examples and imagine if I can see 5% fraud, theres probably another 5-10% I cannot see. I think ill only trust level3-4 polls personally.


That’s not at all my complaint and I didn’t derail the thread

Gonna throw it out there that I really appreciate everything you have shared, the honesty being the most important part of the commentary.

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You didnt post a Joe Dirt youtube video and nothing else?

And just cause I ain’t spilled the beans don’t mean I was the only one there this weekend. There was 5future members there.

I know me and @Badcookieextracts are along the same lines with differ in opinions of solvents


it was using parody to highlight the importance of consumer demand imo


im not here to ban memes or anything either, just the point of being frustrated of slow mode when your post is used to meme then not being able to make a thought out reply later. It’s kind of the whole point. Not convinced it was the best thing to just spring on people but it surely beats the whole thread getting hidden.

The way KOTK put it, using it as a Heating Up mode seems to make the most sense, vs locking a thread for flags automatically.


What level am I?

Whatever it is it’s clearly too low lol


Level 2, somehow

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