Use Ignitus brand butane?

I use a closed loop extractor and inject/distillate butane from cans.

Colibri is too expensive. Has anyone tried Ignitus brand? Is it 70/30 or what? Luciene is good for diamonds but makes unstable slabs.

Best value vacs brand on eBay…270$ shipped! I swear that stuff in those cans not even real propane! At least the stuff in the tanks a different beast! Way cleaner better,

I was can only until about 2 months! Best thing I ever did was listen to the guys here and get big boy tank to go with that big boy extractor

To me it’s lasting way longer than if I bought cans…plus that damn ups or FedEx man was here all the damn time!

And the $ is adding up the same


I mean if you really wanna do something different. You can use a mini closed column extractor to load a tank (on dry ice) with puretane (can warmed up with water). I use puretane from a tank. Technically with a closed column extractor you can load any tank with canned butane but puretane is the shit for making n-butane slabs, Imo.


Get in contact with xtane. They can ship you tanks (Chinese gas, but still better than lighter fluid) for less than 200 or so. They are working on getting an American supplier for their “cheap cheap” tanks. It’s better than ecogreen.


Have u compared to extractors choice bvv brand?
I was looking at xtane… But something about the “Chinese” gas has me worried

If anything like the snake oil they sell out my way…Chinese CBD, then oooo Lord look out!!!

Thats why I’m asking your opinion ,if you used it…

That and capital butane(usa made) has tank turn in system even for ppl cross country… Have you heard them? Good or bad? He been trying to push some tanks my way

But to original op if ur using cans …

Puretane and blue flame only companies w something supposed to be cleaner

If u don’t care about that and don’t mind hurting yourself
Whip it premium(it’s specs say blended like 26%propane ), but my gauges say different! all I used for years, just w cans I could drop gauge and watch it fly down going cryo…w this real 70/30, it takes its precious time!.. Back to whip it premiumbut420ml cans Cheap as fuck on eBay! But still, wouldn’t trade for my tank any day now!


It’s all cheap Chinese gas. They probably, literally, come from the same place. Even though the dudes at xtane (they are pretty cool too, and offer American gas, but you have to get a 100lb tank) say they are distilled twice, it’s still not as good. It’ll be better than anything in a can. Get Iso-butane. There is a couple companies that can get you 20lb if American gas, you’ll have a tank deposit. Gasman (Kush energy) can get those. I get one of those (butane) and a 100lb iso tank each time I fill. I use to use puretane way back. Then there was this company “stok” they actually had Ntane cans and oversized ones. My open blasting quality was impressive (for open blast). It was pure Ntane and would trickle out all slow when it was cold. They got busted and stopped making it

1 Like it’s supposedly 98% n butane with 2% isobutane


Probably for like extra umph?

Or is it that certain areas allow so much of other things, and where the gas is sourced that’s the analysis?
I’ve always wonder how some esp north sea brands claim 100% butane and be tri blend of sorts

No way I’m going to rehash all this over again here, but there are answers, it’s just an enormously long thread to find them in, maybe you can Search it,

There’s a simple method for testing any solvent for non-volatile residue (mystery oil,) it’s right there at the first page. Later in the thread you’ll find where I posted up the entire ASTM non-volatile residue testing procedures for LPG, my method is simpler and more accurate, and like I said, can be used with any solvent.

The very first lot of Puretane was was clean, and they never got back to that standard while I was still testing. Capitol also couldn’t keep up with quality control, if it’s the same vendor I’d test each lot you got in.

In the thread you’ll also learn the so called third party purity analysis test results posted up by tank vendors doesn’t actually include non-volatile residue test results, obfuscation would be a kind way of putting it, this goes for Ecogreen, X-tane, Refined Hydrocarbon Solutions (the USA grade at BVV,) etc. A NV residue test was done way up the chain, but you’ll never see it, why is also in the thread.

Generally speaking all the canned butane refills fall within a region of non-volatile residue purity that Gray Wolf and I agreed was ok, none was totally shit, but some were way better than most.

I requested Sean at Ecogreen repeatedly to do my test on each lot that came in, and hoped this would be the standard to make sure garbage didn’t get sold, never happened. I tried, I really tried. For a small fee and traveling expenses I’d be glad to go to the tank vendors and show them how easy it is to do the test, and if they still didn’t want to do it themselves, I suppose I could travel around and do it for them as the gas came in. But you’d better catch me soon I’m broke and going homeless. Another service I could be performing is showing extractors how to test their solvents, the test will also show if you have moisture contamination the filter isn’t catching, traveling around and certifying solvent quality would be an enjoyable occupation, kinda ding dong in that you guys could be doing it for yourselves, but you could then claim someone known to the community was doing the checking.

If someone who knows the players and would like to set me up with them I’m available, even if it’s just for free consultations.


Btw, I like to mention this in a post here at Future4200, though I’ve ranted about it many a time previously elsewhere, no one tests concentrates for non-volatile residue (mystery oil.)

I’d ask at the cannabis testing lab booths (like Steep Hill) at the concentrate festivals, and the common response is, put up the cash for the standards of what you specifically want us to test for, and we’ll do it if you’ll throw more money at us for each test. Seriously, that is their response. They don’t care. I repeat they don’t care. And reading this, do you? Does anybody? Just being a smart ass, because with all the bitches about the mystery oil, it can, and probably is still in product and no one mentions it. Yeah, you distill your solvent, do you ever then test the distilled solvent to make sure it’s clean??

Sorry for the rant, I’ll go away now… :see_no_evil:


Here’s pictures of all the non-volatile residue (mystery oil) test bags, they’re folded up one gallon Zip-Lock bags (the zip-lock’s been cut off to decrease the weight of the bag.) The dark tinted bags are almost exclusively from Korean butane. The amount of non-volatile residue had nothing to due with the tint. The Korean brands also had the most non-volatile residue odor.


Are you the one that collected all the data?

The history of BHO Mystery Oil can be found at Toke City Forum and ICMAG Forums:

“Anyone else seen this yet (Oil in canned butane)”

“Butane Residue Test Results”

“Lube inside canned butane - Mystery Oil”

“Butane Manufacturer Preferrence”

Gray Wolf collected enough mystery oil for analysis, and I reimbursed him the $250 for the mass spectrometry test at Specialty Analytical.

He then had Specialty Analytical attempt to determine how much mystery oil was in various brands of butane refills, I paid for these also, but the results were obviously bogus when compared to each other that I developed a simple test on my own.

So, yes I collected all the data, I didn’t include the ten or so test results from Specialty Analytical.

Here’s Gray Wolf’s rendition from his former site,

“BHO Mystery Oil”

That’s all the research that was ever done on the non-volatile residue in LPG, Ecogreen still uses Specialty Analytical for its testing, and their test doesn’t include non-volatile residue.

I tried with all my time and money to clear up the issue.


God damn man!

I got the first donation.

Don’t do it! Let’s get a go fund me for you!

Do y’all REALIZE what all this man has done for the industry!

I’m crushed and blown away when I SEE that you have devoted your Life to this!
Man I wish everyone thought like me



My work ethic is delineated in the ‘stars.’ I don’t use astrology to guide my life, but natal charts don’t lie, here’s a read from mine:

John Edward Schuyler
December 27 1953
9:05 PM Time Zone is PST
Gardena, CA

Rising Sign is in 00 Degrees Virgo
You tend to be very shy and not very self-assertive. You are supercritical about how you appear to others. Even though you may think you are uninteresting and dull, you are actually quite soft- spoken, orderly, neat and very likable. You are a perfectionist with high standards, and at times you can be quite tactless in pointing out the faults of others. Very practical, efficient and purposeful, your appearance and bearing reflect your need to appear graceful, sensible and reserved. You have a crisp, no-nonsense approach to dealing with others. Never lazy or self-indulgent, you tend to be dedicated to the work ethic.

Sun is in 06 Degrees Capricorn.
Extremely serious and mature, you are capable of accepting responsibilities and do so willingly. Others expect you to be dutiful as a matter of course. You tend to get angry when people get rewards after not having worked anywhere near as hard as you. You are goal-oriented and an achiever by nature – you’re a hard worker and are justifiably proud of the tangible results of your efforts. You tend to have “tunnel-vision” – this allows you to block out extraneous matters that might distract others and to concentrate totally on the matter at hand. As such, you are the ideal one to manage or administrate any ongoing project and to be practical and efficient at it. You are not a fast worker, but you are quite thorough. You are known for being totally persistent, tenacious and tireless in reaching your goals.

Moon is in 05 Degrees Libra.
Affectionate, warm and friendly, life must be a “beautiful” experience for you. Unpleasantness should be avoided at all costs. You tend to overlook other people’s faults and you would rather give in than fight. You are uncomfortable with strangers, but at ease and sociable with friends and associates. Indeed, you would rather socialize than work – you can use your prodigious charm to avoid unpleasant tasks. You need the support and assistance of another in order to get you started on any new project – you are not a self-starter. Be careful of a tendency to be overly self-indulgent (i.e., lazy). Your refined aesthetic sensibilities attract you to music, dance, art and any other cultured activity.

Mercury is in 26 Degrees Sagittarius.
Your mind is very curious and inquisitive, always seeking information on a wide variety of topics. The broader the subject matter (philosophy, science, religion, metaphysics), the more it will appeal to you. You prefer to deal with abstractions – the small but important details associated with any subject tend to slip your grasp. You are known for being blunt, honest and truthful.

Venus is in 28 Degrees Sagittarius.
You are very aware of the need to maintain a high sense of morality in a relationship. Your loyalty and interest will remain constant in any relationship (either friendly, personal or business) that is based on fairness, honesty and justice. But you will become greatly hurt and disappointed if the other person takes any but the high road with you. Also, you cannot tolerate anyone being overly emotionally possessive of you. You are known for your friendly, outspoken manner.

Mars is in 04 Degrees Scorpio.
Your likes and dislikes are strong and intense, never casual or superficial. You are known for your persistence and willful obsession. Once you have decided on a course of action, you are unstoppable. Your emotional actions tend to be extreme, although you try to keep them muted. You are not quick to anger, you do slow burns. And you tend to release your anger as sarcasm or irony. Beware of your tendency to hold grudges and to be vengeful. When you do fight, or release your internal tensions, you do so body and soul – you become totally passionate and your outbursts are awesome to behold.

Jupiter is in 19 Degrees Gemini.
You have a logical, detached, objective view of most things. Your interests are wide-ranging and you are an avid student, with expertise in many different areas. You love to work things out in your mind – everything you do is reduced to an exercise in logic and reason. You have the ability to grasp abstractions and to deal successfully with the larger issues of life. Your overemphasis on developing your powerful intellect can cause your emotional and intuitive abilities to atrophy unless you consciously choose to exercise them.

Saturn is in 07 Degrees Scorpio.
You tend to release emotional energies only very reluctantly. This is partly due to your fear of what horrible calamity might occur should they be released – your emotions are terribly complicated and intense. Try not to repress these energies entirely, however, or you will succumb to negative and destructive forms of compulsive behavior. Give yourself the freedom to look awkward or silly once in a while. The relief you feel will be quite therapeutic and the embarrassment (whether it is real or imagined) will pass quickly.

Uranus is in 21 Degrees Cancer.
For you, and for your peers as well, the demand to be free from entangling emotional bonds is of paramount importance. You have a unique and unfettered view of family life and will be attracted to experimenting with freeform styles of relationship commitments. This may lead to a rootless, unsettled lifestyle.

Neptune is in 25 Degrees Libra.
You, and your entire generation, idealize all of the various experimental approaches to relationships – including “living together”, the formation of communes and collectives and the whole concept of “open” marriages. There is a stress on weakened commitments on an emotional and contractual level, but there are heightened expectations of the level of commitment and mutual support on the spiritual and metaphysical level.

Pluto is in 24 Degrees Leo.
For your entire generation, this is a time when the relationship of the individual to society as a whole is being thoroughly re-examined. Major attempts will be made to find a balance between the need to be self-sufficient and the need to honor debts of social commitment.

N. Node is in 24 Degrees Capricorn.
You rarely get involved closely with anyone unless he or she has something specific and practical to offer you. You tend to be “all business” when it comes to dealing with others. You’re usually so intently focused on a particular goal that you rarely have time for social niceties or casual fellowship. But you can definitely be counted on by others to get things done. When you say that you’ll do something, you do it. As such, you’re a valuable member of any team situation and will probably rise to a position of leadership within the group. Your trustworthiness and sense of responsibility are unquestioned. But do try to avoid the temptation to “use” others to reach your goals – they might come to resent you.

Link to the chart, and the above,

Here’s the link to get instantly and for free your own chart and read, all you need is your exact time of birth and location,

Do your family and friends natal charts and compare the read to what you know about them. Here’s BHO’s (Barak Hussein Obama’s,) nice, I’d really, really like to see Trump’s, but we don’t have his exact time of birth,

Unfortunately a deeper read of my chart indicates I’ll never have much money, and I’ll only have a very limited number of lovers, my heart’s been broken since I was separated from my first deep love back in '72.

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I’m going to be off the Forums soon anyway, so speaking of ‘coincidences’ like astrology, here’s the cover of the book Beatnik Party by John Schuyler (I’m John Edward Schuyler, the book was published when I was six years old, and I also have a prick of an older Big Brother like in the book.) I let the girl who I still love (our parents broke us up back in '72 - the separation left me with major depression - I lost my four year full tuition Merit Scholarship to USC in Pharmacy due to loosing my concentration and ambition,) read Beatnik Party (she’s living back in the home of her birth Hawaii, I reconnected with her online shortly before my mom passed, and intended on getting back with her since, but haven’t been able to get my health back, and don’t want to be a burden to her, she’s been through a lot - her daughter coincidently lives only a few miles from me and I haven’t bothered her either,) and she sent me this picture of her, not very complimentary but it just kinda looks like the girl on the cover of the book. Florence was (and still is to me) absolutely lovely, Hula/Tahitian dancer, musical, responsible, and a weed piranha, it’d be a lie to say I love another. When we talk on the phone, the batteries run out… I miss her so…

Anyway this is why I don’t really want to accept a job, all I’ve wanted to do since loosing her is crawl in a hole and vegetate.

Here’s a more attractive picture,

The only plan come the first of the year is to get in my car and drive to the beach, a better plan might be to get on a plane and head to Oahu, but like I said I don’t want to bug her.

Sorry for the way off topic stuff, but you guys should know I just can’t accept help, I’m in a situation of my own choosing, and apparently affairs of the heart rule.


Puretane has never let me down! When I put good product in, it comes out gold or translucent with great yeild. Puretane is triple refined, through fractional distillation, then further filtered 11 times. It’s the highest standard I’ve come across. I’m a loyalist. I buy US 100%

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Are you a rep

I was a long time customer and convinced the owner to give me a job selling the new product line of large cylinders…

I use far better gas than you offer, thanks.

Shameless @Cannagas plug