Ultra sonic bath extraction

An intersting read for those interested
I personaly use a sonic bath for My ethanol extractions can t say If much better trying to get awnsers
Any body has experience with iT ?


No numbers :relieved:

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Plandai Biotech have an ultra-sonic extractor they tried to sell me on.


It’s claim to fame is that it can turn whole tomatoes into mush in moments. If left on a little longer it isomerizes up to 50% of the lycopene (that what makes ‘matoes red) into a more bioavailable form.

Means you can feed kids tomato mush to prevent blindness. Not a bad thing.

However, unless you kief first, turning your cannabis biomass to mush just makes the job harder, and why would anyone want their finely tuned cannabinoid profile randomly reorganized during extraction?


Deam thank you nice info

I do the same although I’m sure some people here would hate against it nowadays

Some people will hate against anything…that shouldn’t change the underlying data.

Care to share a little more detail on what exactly you are doing, and how ultrasound is helping?

At what scale are you performing your extraction?

Sorry for the late reply! I am a small time hobbyist. I extract with home freezer cold EtOH, dried/cured biomass, and a plastic paint spinner drill attachment. I don’t break up cannbiomass before hand really bc it is brittle from the freezer and thus breaks apart nicely with the homogenizer (drill attachment). Biomass and EtOH mixture are then placed in small (cheap) ultrasonic bath for molecular excitement. The EtOH is then drained from the mix using a mesh sock inside a container. The process is repeated with the same biomass then proceeds to next step (Panda).