U.S Solids

So I’m working on making some water soluble THC (me and everyone else) using a TEK posted on here. I’ve got all of the other precursors except a sonicator. Was using Amazon, Google, Ebay, and kept coming across a company called U.S Solids.

Does anyone have experience with this company? I’m sure it does what it needs to but I don’t want to make this investment if it breaks down with no ability to be fixed in 6 months.

Here’s the link

Did you ever get it?
Im looking at one of their models aswell, seems the best priced option out there

I got the 600W, and it works well for nano. I’ve made about a dozen 6L batches with it and it’s been fine so far.

The horn became Swiss cheese after a few uses but I haven’t seen a drop off in performance so I just sterile filter really well. (pulse use to on for ~1 min, off for 3s to extend horn life). Not sure if the horn issue is only with higher wattage units, I had a heilsher 100w and it took a bit longer to get the eroded look but that could be because of the lower power. Anyone have experience with higher power ISM, Qsonica, or Heilsher units?

I too am crawling down the rabbit hole of water soluble. Can anyone else vouch for the US SOLIDS brand unit? I got one of their induction sealers and it works pretty good. Not sure how long these sonicators hold up.