Turnkey Lab Systems Diamond Miner

Has anyone tried it? Saw some pictures on IG, but, was hoping someone here could comment on it.

Also, should I even bother? Is the pyrex pan tek good enough to create similar end product? I’m concerned about how strict Michigan’s fire bureau is going to be and want to have something that will fit their standards.


I’m confused.
which solvent system are you using?

got a a link or screenshot?

I’m asking in reference to my move to Michigan. Here in Denver I use a Waters SFE, in Michigan I’ll be using an ETS MEP.



$950?! that’s robbery. The design doesn’t look that good either, the BVV one looks to be made better lol.

Just to add, I put together a list for myself for building my own miner using OSS parts. It came to under $300, so if you’re dead set on using a miner, I would recommend building your own to your needs.


The issue is safety rating, this specific model is in the process of being PSI verified. I haven’t heard of BVV, is that one verified?

Edit: Nevermind, it’s still early, haha, Best Value Vacs, have you used this one? Work well?


BVV = best value vacs. I don’t think theirs is verified, it appears they no longer have it on the site anymore either. I missed the part where you said you needed to be legal :-/


Yeah, beyond that I would definitely get the METAGLAS model which is $675. I’d rather drop the extra $300 for the safety verification.



Dont you need each unit psi certified?? Not just the design?? I surely wouldnt want to be the tester on that sight glass.


I’m inclined to think that’s what they mean by “in the process” is getting each individual part verified.

good luck with that based on the sight glass…i do like her content on IG. Lets just say your selling these to people that use 100% propane. Well then the psi certification is gonna need to be around 300-350 psi. There is no way that thing is passing.

BVV posted a video that i cant find anymore of destroying one of these sight glasses…it doesnt take much…Certainly propane at a certain temp will destroy it. Id suggest an all steel design with only the metaglass


Do people crystallize using propane? Never even heard of it.


lol…good point! Im sure people do…Doesnt seem that popular though. ok then…70/30. Thats gonna probably be sufficeint. Sorry for taking this off course. I cant see anyone wanting to go over 90F which brings a vapor pressure of 66psi…times 3. Id imagine it can pass. roughly need to pass 200psi. Yeah that could work…

Its gets hairy after that.


I use propane as my head gas

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Love to hear about the pyrex pan tek been seeing lots on insta

Yes i actually have one … used it once so far … N-butane , 2.5 p cured flower run… got some really nice diamonds, some sugar and a nice tasty sauce. Im sure i will do much better next round


Well i can vouch for your equipment my bro. :100: i have three miners that i added some solvent(60/40) to and they are holding at 90psi. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


You can replicate it.for cheaper

I see it has no high pressure clamps, huge sight glass, a cheap brass prv,
way too expensive,
granted diamonds seem to grow in them around 5-10 psi
But thats not what certifies them

You can build an oss one for more than they sell the parts in a kit as the nucleus, but the orings on their sight glass, and sight are buna and the whole thing leaks, it has a round base that doesnt like standing, its got a dip tube that has to be cut off because it shoots you in tha face with oil if you try to burp it, either with the valve or the prv, its 1/4" npt 3/8 jic,

Best one i have came from killa,
an @BG305 didnt you get yours certified?