Turning Dark Rosin Into Carts

Greetings all. Recently harvested batch of really dark, incredibly sticky rosin. Starting material was a 50/50 mix of year-old scissor hash and year-old kief from generic trim bins. Good yield, good smell, it’s just impossible to work with or package. After a few seconds in the fridge, most of it turns to shatter, but some remains as straight up melted caramel sap, and stays caramel sap even after 5 minutes in a freezer.

I decided to try to experiment with making vape carts. I don’t have any equipment atm outside of syringes, syringe filters, glass bottles, kind of stuff I’ve used to DIY my own (nicotine) eliquid. I partially de-carbed 1g of the rosin in the oven for roughly 15 mins at 240F, sucked it up through a glass syringe, and mixed it 50/50 with PG. I know alot of weed vapers don’t trust PG or VG, but I’ve been vaping this stuff for years, and so have the people who I will share carts with. I don’t trust liquidizers or any other product that doesn’t disclose ingredients. No hate on anyone using that stuff, or PEG, or whatever you choose, but I’ve decided to stay with what I know; PG, VG, and grain alcohol. Chose PG to vastly reduce viscosity, help dissolve active ingredients, and act as a flavor carrier in case I choose to add flavors down the road.

After mixing the PG/Rosin at 50/50, I put it back in the oven for 30 seconds to let them marry, stirred, then let it cool. It melted nicely, mixed nicely, but had a real unattractive darkness to it. Filtered it through 22u syringe filter, and now it looks like the picture and video linked. Does anyone have any advice for how to get the lipids(?) out of the material? I could winterize with grain alcohol, but I don’t have a vacuum setup. Thanks for any advice.

Quick vid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBoH7zeizxM&feature=youtu.be

Pic -

You have pg mixed in and now you want to remove lipids?


I’ve only mixed this 2mL batch. None of the rosin besides this has been mixed with PG. If I can’t clarify post-mixing with PG, then that’s good to learn. Would the only choice be to winterize the rosin without/before mixing with PG?

you’re gonna need at least a vac chamber to get stuff out, requires dilution.

and pg will seperate out after some time.


It’s not that we don’t trust propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, the issue is polarity.

Honestly if PG and VG worked with THC then that would be awesome. They’re relatively harmless for the lungs. They just will literally never mix with cannabis oils.

Don’t bother trying to put rosin like that in a cart. It’s just not going to work. Plain and simple. You can only use fire rosin in a cart and even then it takes some finesse.


Smoke the rosin. And use different material for cart oil.


You can infact smoke rosin in one particular cart. The “Liberty V9” .
I dont really recomend doing so, but that cart can do a full gram. Kinda slow at the end of the gram.

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those things always clogged all the way up the air intake and then you would have to suck for 5 minutes and a string of oil came out of the straw :joy:


@Mondo @MondoLabs (whichever you are) shiwed me a cart that is ugly as fuck but can do rosin

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Well I vaped some of this in an eliquid tank. It was ugly, gunked the coil quickly, and this sample is too runny. In the video I linked, you can see it moves almost like water. I could remedy the inevitable gunked coil by only working with .5mL carts, but that doesn’t solve the ugly look, which would be even uglier if I used less PG to solve for the runnyness. Seems you guys are right. Besides some personal carts for me and a few friends, this vape idea isn’t gonna work with this material without more equipment.

Seems I’ll try packaging this up as-is. I’ve only ever worked with shatter in the past, which was easy enough in glass vials. Rosin is a bit trickier though. Was thinking either to try to get this to crystal/diamond/jam up (30-hourish in oven at 220F, then 7-21 days at 90F), or just scooping it out as-is into these silicone insert containers.

Here’s some pics and a quick vid of what the material looks like. I wish we had smell-o-vision lol. Its’ got a nice fruity, rootbeer-ish floraly thing going on. 10+ strain mix with most of it coming from ‘the cube’ crosses by exotix, which has an interesting rootbeer cherry profile. You guys are experienced and probably have your own markets. Does that look like vendable material? Watch the video to see how it cured up and behaves currently.



After 4 days cold cure

Video of what it looks and ‘feels’ like today.

I’m not well versed in the ways of crashing from rosin but I don’t think that’s right…


Looks like what happens when someone boils all the water out of Cola.


Yeah I’m not well versed either. Here’s the vid I was talking about (@ 2:10 mark). 225F for 30-60 min, then 100F environment for X days/weeks.

But here’s a different vid (@ 4:18 mark) talking about not using that initial high heat, and just going straight from the press into jars, and putting the jars in a 80-90F environment for 3-4 weeks.

Haha tbh it’s appealing in a strange way. Like melted caramel toffee.

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Both vids were made with high grade bubble hash pressed into rosin not from pressing flower. the 1st part of the 1st vid they even say it will not work with all material, only full melt.
2nd vid it was done with fresh just cut plants not dried cured. 1st vid they do not say but I will guess it was done the same way. Seems too light to be from cured plants.
I wouldn’t bet my life on it but I don’t think you will get diamonds out of that. Might just be best packaging up as a sap.


I would make edibles


Yeah it’s a good idea, it’s just that I don’t like the buzz of edibles myself, and there’s no market for that where I am.

It only looks like 100g or so. Just blaze it my bro. You worked hard to extract it. It didn’t come out like you wanted it. Why “market” it to people if it’s not that shit! This is a good way to tarnish your concentrate name seemingly before you have one.

It looks like you have a good few months of headstash


Yeah that rosin is never going to be cart friendly. Material was too old or pressed at way too high of a temp or something. jar methods won’t fix anything. Doubt you could even mechanically separate anything from that.

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True. Head stash it is. Appreciate all the help guys.

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