Turning BHO into RSO

What’s up everybody,

I’m just wondering if anybody could give me a basic process to turn my BHO into RSO.

I’m assuming it’s fairly simple, but just want some more input before I go my route.

Thanks in advance!!!

Why ?? Could u not just decarb and use as needed


BHO is an extract of resin glands made from butane
RSO is an extract of resin glands made from ethanol

bho is mainly THCA
rso is mainly THC (activated)

Take your bho and put it in the oven on 250F until it stops bubbling. This will activate it, the process is called decarboxylation if you want to read more into it.


You can decarb it, but i think the thing that makes RSO, RSO is the extraction method, its usually a long warm EtOH or IPA soak, which is a very aggressive extraction, youll get everything in the plant, even things that are potentially undesirable like lipids and pigments. BHO is much more selective

If your just trying to make it so you can eat you BHO, decarb it.

just trying to pass on knowledge, please somebody correct me if im wrong.


I just decarb and mix with grapeseed oil or flaxseed oil.
I think its cleaner this way than rso or feco


yes i agree 100%


Thank you for all the input everybody.

A buddy of mine is not a smoker and just wants to get his hands on some RSO for medicinal use.

@RockSteady @anon56994712 Do y’all think after decarbing my BHO, that it will have a similar viscosity as RSO? Also, will it carry similar medicinal uses as RSO?


By using shattler or distillate you will be able to get a cleaner finnish product that you can adjust the dosages with by blending with one of the previously mentioned oils. Both of those have benefits by them selves. You can also add cbd isolate powder to adjust that dosage also.


decarbed bho is much different than rso.
the medicinal effects seem to come from the darker less desireables pulled by a warm alcohol extraction.


Rso’s healing potential doesn’t come from chlorophyll. It comes from cannabinoids.


If you are going to be using bho, try to winterizing it a little bit. If you pull out the inactive compounds, it will have a better overall effect. And inactive left in there can cancel out active compounds to a degree.


This thread is a mess

High quality full spectrum cannabis extract is what you should strive for. Decarb your properly made bho (make sure you distill your butane first) and you will have an extract that is better than rickys naptha shake and bake bull shit

Rso is wack, yo.e6354a2b-dbb6-4493-826b-316da00bf5d3


Do it! Its medicine. Try to do a full spectrum extract by combining strains that have a variety of cannabinoids ( cbd, thc, cbg )


Another thing i like to do also is take the pour off of my dimonds, which is rich in lesser cannabinoids and low in thc. You can add a larger amount of that without having a super high concentration of thc

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I distill my own n-butane for all my extracts. When I extract, my distilled tane is chilled to approximately -50c as well as my dewaxxing column sitting at approximately -20c. So, @Apothecary36, are you saying decarbing my BHO is potentially better than RSO?

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I make this alot for vets and cancer patients


Well, its all the same thing really. Different solvent pull different ratios of things but most solvent we use for extraction will pull cannabinoids. The question is what comes along for the ride (undesirables) with each solvent

Alcohol extractions are cool because of the excessive amount of terpenes that are pulled. I would assume that terpenes help to deliver cannabinoids across the blood brain barrier. Look at the effects of myrcene on thc for example.


These were made from pour off of dimonds. Decarbed and cbd isolate powder added


@sonicgardens Wow, that is some nice documentation and helpful information. What was the ratio of HTFSE/grapeseed oil you used for this?

@Apothecary36 This is the reason I come to this community for information. Thank you for all the helpful info bud, appreciate you.


To make that i used

14 g cbd isolate powder
6 g of dimond pour off decarbed at 240f for 30 mins
230 grams of grapeseed oil
Mixed in a heated magnetic stirrer at 160f for 20 mins.

My goal was 50mg cbd and 5mg thc per gr.
I believe i got really close. I was under the impression the caps were 1gr each. Thats was pulled out of 250 caps randomly