Turning a closed column into a closed loop?

I’ve been messing around with an open blast closed column ablaze customs 250-350 column with dewaxing sleeve. I want to improve my results and tech without starting over. I was looking for advice to safely build onto it if possible. I want to take my closed column and turn into closed loop. i was looking at bvv for recovery port and solvent recovery tank. I already have a digital heating pad a 3/4 hp 2 stage 7cfm vacuum pump with chamber and sticky digital heating pad adhesive for chamber. I still need a recovery port and a solvent recovery tank. After a few purchases ive been looking more at bvv for solvent tank and recovery tank. I tried searching this didnt find much only 1 relative topic with only a few replies.

What’s your budget?

How big is that column? As in diameter and length.

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I want to stay cost efficient as possible but I have a good job and income to piece together things over time… I don’t have the opportunity to actually measure but from site this is what package dimensions are and link to it. I was looking at the 6lb recovery tank on bvv not sure about collection port…https://www.amazon.com/ABLAZE-Stainless-265-350-Closed-Column/dp/B0753DYXML


This guy?

If so you’ll need a 6x12 collection pot, they’re about 100 bucks for the spool, 100 for a basic lid, and another 50 or so for the hp clamp and gasket.

You also need to upgrade all the existing clamps too.


So honestly? In my own experience, there’s not much budgeting to do, besides piecing your own stuff together.

Once you get all that, then you’ll want to get everything as cold as you can, so then you’ll need n2 lol.

All in, you’re about a grand away from a decent rig.

350 for the stainless steel solvent tank

350 for the collection pot

300 for odds and ends, including a n2 setup.

Edit: I didn’t mention it, but I’d recommend going with a stainless steel recovery tank over the green carbon steel one.

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I think that’s a lil big for homie lol.

One of them 6x12 ones should work.


It only holds 12lbs of butane. So yes slightly big haha.

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@Killa12345 he can probably get your closed column turned into a closed loop while not hurting your pocket


Those prices I quoted are about what killa charges.

He’s still looking at a grand total to get where he wants to go.

Maybe 800 if you cut some corners, like getting a carbon steel tank. But really not much else to cut, maybe skip the n2 setup for now, but then you need a cooling coil.

I was all about trying to build a cls on a budget, but looking back, all the corners I tried to cut just ended up costing more money.

Now I’ll recommend starting out right so you don’t have to spend money down the line again.


Full cls buildout is minimum 1k-1500 without injecting coils etc. but they’ll help in turn of use of dry ice forsure.


Yeah, homie has a closed column, now he needs the rest, so when all is said and done, it’s prolly going to be 1250 or so for him.


So I just ordered a mini blaze solvent recovery tank holds 6 lbs I really appreciate all the feedback so far and I hope I’m not too vague I wish I had more time to edit and add more information I’m working for a few more hours. LOL yeah I guess I shouldn’t say budget-friendly I’d say more cost efficient. I definitely need new clamps which I could use advice on that the ones I just got with this it leaks out the top when I top fill. Kinda scary had to plug it with my finger for a few seconds to get it to stop :flushed:

so now I need to find better clamps connection hoses a collection pot and lid? :thinking: Am I missing something. I just got a better vacuum pump off ebay. Cheap 3/4 hp 7 CFM dual stage pump with a 5 gallon vacuum chamber off of eBay. Got a digital heating pad adhesive only 9 inches but will work.

You sure that wasn’t just butane trapped in the flared fitting evaporating off?

Did the leak stop after a few second? Have you pressure tested things?

That’s a 4x6 collection pot, that’s not big enough to do what you want.

They are full of shit if they’re saying that holds
1800ml of solvent. I know because I have all of this 4 inch gear sitting not being used.

I’m telling you, buy bigger now so you don’t want to hit yourself later.


That tank also does not have a dip tube, how do you plan on getting the liquid solvent out?

Straight up, if you wanna cls that works and doesn’t give you a headache everytime you run it, budget for another grand dude. You’re not going to get a decent cls rig for anything less.

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best advice in this thread haha.

I was in the same boat. Decided to go on the cheaper end and spent around $800 on everything to get going. Ended up upgrading 3 or 4 times since then and am about $1500 invested with everything. I’m at a point where I can stop upgrading and just enjoy the system though.

To the OP, you won’t really benefit much from trying to upgrade the closed column. I couldn’t really do anything with mine other than use some end caps and re-purposed the 1.5x6" column as a B80 cartridge. I ended up not using the end caps anyway because the system came with new ones and better valves.

My advice, spend the money right in the beginning. You can’t cut corners with this stuff. Each cut corner has the potential to end your life.


look I did what ur doing

I spent tons to change my bvv 2" into cls, after I was done I upgraded to 3"…long story short if I’d just listened to @Killa12345 to begin w and just bought brand new system ready to roll it’s better than the 100$ ud save

just buy a complete pressure tested safe ready to roll unit from killa, sell the closed column and use the money for cls

in the long run I ended up buying the exact system killa tried to sell me.but a part at time and cost me.way way more

a 6x12 collection base and solvent tank w 3x24 column from.killa ready to go. great place to start


Eh, homie can save a lil cash. The column he has is sleeved and has reducers. It’s definitely usable in a cls.

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def usuable never said wasnt…

just feel like u can get better equipment this way

and it’s all upgradeable

a reducer or whatever u need and u can run the column on this

or this and go all out


I would buy one of killas set ups without the solvent tank. And then get the 25lb (12lbs of butane) tank from usalab. Leaves him a little room to expand in the future…

And the solvent tank I posted above

Maybe killa could put a half inch fitting on your collection valve if you asked him nicely…