Turn BHO and co2 concentrates to fractioned isolate

I have LBs of high quality BHO live resin with diamonds and hydrocarbon extracts that I’ve had processed.

I’m looking to take these and fraction them off to separate the terps and canabinoids from the thca isolate.

What are the least expensive ways/complex ways of achieving this?

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Fuge will get you disoriented isolate/ish (depending what you feed it).

The liquid fraction still contains more than “terps”, and may have significant cannabinoids.

If you want to fully disorient that extract, you then gotta wipe it twice (spin the shit out of it in your spd).

Once for your “terps” once for the rest of your cannabinoids.

Chances are you’ll wanna winterize in between those.

Most stop at spun.

What scale?

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i would use sweating baskets from chem tek to sweat out most of the terps then do a quick pentane crash on the solids

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