Trying to get an idea of distillate prices in Cali

Hey y’all,

I’m an Oregon hick so when my business partners started asking what the going rate for thc or cbd distillate is in Cali my response was “ummmm, close to what we pay in Oregon?”.

lol, I think thats right but was hoping I could get some input as to what I can be expecting in the the 5-10 kilo purchase range for good (80%+) distillate.

Thanks for the input, snarky answers accepted but MUST be amusing or you get reported to the mods :slight_smile:



There are factors including color, potency, smell (shouldn’t be any) as well as extraction efficiency AND biomass quality. The last two have a dramatic impact on taxes. Higher yield equals lower taxes.

A grade is about $5k/L plus tax. Darker shade as low as $4,250. All over 88%.

Hope that helps


That does indeed! Thanks, prices are really close to Oregon.

I’ve seen as low as $3/g here in SoCal in the past two weeks


It has dropped significantly since the vaping scare

Sweet so what are the prices and who’s got cat 2?

I’ve got cat 2 300 liters

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Cat 2 available at 4250 and 5350 per liter. Taxes run 800-1000. All over 90% by SC and Herrons. Price difference on color only.

250 available.

So, what’s cat 2? Who decides the grade?

Cat 2 is NOT cleared of heavy metals, the addition of 40+ pesticides, and aflatoxins. CAT 3 is what you want in CA.


With apologies. Of course. All Cat 3 and METRC transfer.

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Examples of grades. Both jars over 91%


thanks guys, havent been on in a bit but this helps. All cat3 for this guy.

lowest im hearing rn is 5750 so cal

are these low prices like 4-5 real


i can get fully tested 80%+ in oregon for $4 pretty easy

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80% total cannabinoid or thc


thc, usually total in the mid to high 80’s or low 90’s


Anyone care to share the price on the markets down there right now. Not dark. 90+d

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cat 3 2-25 depending on amount and your source

Seen it 1.5-2.5. Course, that company makes shitty distilate.