Trying to get an idea of distillate prices in Cali

Wow the market is still the varied eh

To be fair, the company I’m speaking of mixes their dirty with the clean to “remediate” the pesticides. I’m sure the operations that are run properly are doing better, but it’s rough out there for hot dog water.

CAT3 for $2-4 if anything

Like you said, depends who

Lot of DTLA/LA hustlers will flip it to dem east custys for $4+ lol


Cat 3 2000-2500. Volume orders have been showing wicked low numbers. Oil seems to have hit a real hard spot, so quality is KING!


Im just here for rare kittens


Off topic please start own thread @Rowan


@Kinsmanofthesun explain please

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I agree

Please elaborate on this

@Rowan has done nothing wrong


Most the “CAT3” bought cheap and sold at a high price is CAT1 or CAT2 being sold as CAT3. I knew a guy in DTLA with a cart brand doing that and now all he does is push boof.

Prices though for all of it in general are cheap cheap especially real legit CAT3, depending from who, and where.

Weird how 1 year ago prices weren’t really set/firm like this lol even last year liters going for $4-5 wasn’t uncommon

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It was just a joke

2-3 on disty west coast, 3-4 East coast

80-90% d9

Dunno what needs explaining. The entire canna market on both sides of the fence is experiencing a flooded market. Due to this prices have become unstable and have hit historic lows. The consumer base has started to buy less in general and/or buy in a different fashion. Therefore distillate is cheaper and not in as high of demand. I believe that this is because in the white market, consumers are going back to flower as the novelty of pens is fading. In the traditional market I think the same, but also that goofy D8 pens and super cut pens and all that bs people were doing put a bad taste (literally) in peoples mouths about pens. Edibles are holding strong in both markets from what I hear, but it takes a lot less distillate to make and edibles are typically consumed much slower than carts.

In the legal market 90%+ distillate is selling for around $1800-$2500 before taxes. Less on volume orders especially if you are not hung up on 90%+ and color. This has a lot to do with market demands being low, but also trim prices being low as well. Everything has slumped this year and my only hope it that the consumers get to have a little price break because of it. (But I doubt it).

Traditional pricing and white market pricing have been running more or less parallel on most items for quite some time. Of course there is more ability to negotiate and what not, but in the end it’s about the same but untaxed. Hence the back doors.


I get 3-4 here in traditional market no problem, demand had dropped but thats still the ticket


I mean explain the rare kitten

It was a joke he he has no need to explain anything to me. @Kinsmanofthesun

10 for 500. If you want them batch specific then it’s more. Last Lot# I got showed 6.72 kittens. Breaks on volume available. Feel free to email me at for a catalogue of our latest batches


How bout today, what are disty prices

Too low


Cat3 disty is too low?

Limbo, limbo, limboooh!
Its been steadily dropping at 100/month since the last estimated price someone gave

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