Trying to coat pre-rolls the right way... any help so very appreciated

Hello all,

I have been preparing to come out with prerolls and I have the vibrating table and the works. From the start my plan was to coat my prerolls in pure distillate and coat it in kief and come out with the best product I possibly could. Oh, how naive I was… of course the distillate absorbed the kief and stuck to the sides (glass tubes with corks).

This all happened in a pretty low room temperature. I knew there was a trick and I was advised by someone in the business to just use cigar glue and no distillate. I said no to that and then realized thats why I had seen others doing what I was attempting to do but with no issues.

I work a lot with distillate so call me stupid if you will but I guess I just was ignorant and thought it wouldn’t absorb the kief when it got a bit hot.

Anyway, I bought some natural Arabic gum powder and I spent the day trying to do different mixtures to try and emulsify. This is after I spent the last 5 days during the holidays feverishly searching the web for any information… I looked into every industry it seemed, whether they were mixing paint pigments or thc for beverages, but I could not find exactly the solution I imagine is out there. Today I first I did a sloppy 1:1 arabic gum powder and disty mixture and it worked but I could see the arabic gum was clearly not bound/emulsified with the disty. I tried several other ways such as heating up glycerin and adding the gum and then the disty… just ended up with clumps…

I was thinking maybe I could brush a layer of disty onto the prerolls and then a layer of the arabic gum powder (i guess after I mix it with water to make the actual glue?) and maybe try that even though I know the temperature will eventually cause issues with the disty being the first layer…

I am no dummy but I am coming here hat in hand asking for some help. I refuse to ditch the disty layer on the prerolls. My people loved them and I cant do the only cigar glue w/kief trick. I like to make great products. Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks again and I hope everyone had a nice holiday and has a great New Year.



Show us some work. Help us brainstorm.


Well, I am not at my work spot rn but here are 2 photos. I wish I had taken some today… I gave my brother in law 2 of the 1:1 arabic gum powder disty prerolls from today… the kief got soaked through and it already started sticking to the sides of the glass… not a very hot room


Here is my work from today… sticking to the glass…

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Packaging liquid battling gravity and temperature is rough. I first thought about a packaging solution but then realized the oil will move over time… Offer them in a fridge

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Dilute disty with 25% terps, get it hot and sprayable, i feel like dunking or coating with a “spatula” ends up with too much disty in the prerolls imo. Roll in kief right away and let the terps evap a bit while the joints sit in kief, then package once nicely tossed in kief. Or set ur cart farmer to 0.1g and have one person dropping the “disty dots” and the other spreading with a “hot spatula”. Just try and get it so its no mor than 0.2g spread throughout and the oil shouldnt move to much when kief is added.


cannabinoids go on the inside of a joint


Well, I forgot to mention I originally wrapped rolling paper around the layer of disty but I was told people want to see the disty coat with kief… I could wrap the rolling paper around the disty and then coat it for the kief with the cigar glue…

Yea exactly, dang science re: gravity and temperature. lol thats what I said to myself when I checked on my testers that I had standing straight up for a few days which I put into holes in a cardboard box to see how it did. The double wrapped paper worked pretty well though.

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If going with the double paper route, i recommend getting that outside paper as the thinnest rolling paper option u can get.


If the product is good enough and can command shelf space. It can command a cooler.

IE. Sauce like raw gardens

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Hmm, any recommendations for that? I am currently double wrapping with RAW classic and king sized rolling papers as it matches up with the RAW cones I am using. I like making people happy and I figure this might take more time and cost me more money but itll give it a nice slow burn and all.

I think the second layer of paper is more realistic.


That is true. Issue is some of the people who would get their mitts on them wont want to do that and will just go and grab from the guy using cigar glue and no distillate. But I do know what you mean. There is just… unfortunately, a little bit of that old attitude of I want it convenient and not having to be stuck in a fridge and I guess that dog won’t hunt with them.

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What’s your packaging looking like

Yea… I guess it is… I can use the arabic glue to seal up the edges of the paper too so that there is no leakage of the disty. Either way, like carts etc, it cannot get too hot so that is on them. I really appreciate everyones input. Very fast over here. I also hope this post serves as help to anyone else trying to bind things that just wont bind lol. Or defeating/ignoring science in gravity and temperature lol

Put disty on the inside of the joint/paper, and use cigar glue to glue the kief to the outsde? best of both worlds?

That is in the works although I would rather not post it… I do go “all out” on my packaging as you can sell crap with nice packaging and I like when people get nice packaging and a nice product to go with it. Makes me happy to get good feedback

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I guess so! Double the effort/work and it will cost more $ but in the end, the superior product/hard work always wins, right? I went against an old Homer Simpson saying “the lesson is, never try” lol

Putting distillate on the inside is the only part that seems like a time-ache to me. The glue could be misted on and then rolled in a tray of kief right?