Trying to clean up some dirty crude (no luck)

I got some crude from a friend and its been sitting in his cupboard for about a year. super black he said it was alcohol extracted but im not sure what alcohol he used.

this is it

i mixed it with a 9:1 ratio of 94% ethanol to crude

this is what the waxes looked like after i passed it though my buchner first pass. the mixture was -25c for about 24 hrs. im using a regular chest freezer

i then made a bed of celite 545 and i heated my mixture to 60c added some activated charcoal and i ran it through the filter

no change to colour not even a shade lighter.

what do you guys think?


magic powder research time


Looks like my etoh crude before I spd it.

I have a few clients who use the crude as “RSO” for medical use.

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I going to run it through my SPD but i figured the crude would of gotten lighter



Are you sure your filter to Buchner funnel seal was tight? if it channels around the edges of course this wont work. Can you post a picture of your filter and media before you run any ethanol through it? curious to see what your filtration set up looks like before use. T5 and celite would be better.


Adding carbon to something without properly filtering it out, can make it darker, IMO EHO scrubs show their efficacy after u run it through SPD. Ur not gonna see the instant color change unless ur using a polar solvent.


Heres an etoh scrub with only ac on top of celite. Before was a 3 day old biomass sitting in a garbage bag in 40* temps.

Search green grinch for my thread.


this is my bucher

I’m using these filters

and maybe a inch in height celite

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dam that looks great! care sharing with me that buchner set up? i also tried searching for green grinch didn’t see the thread … your celite bed looks much thicker than mine

i winterized again and small minimal amount of waxes but i think i could of done it one more time. i roto evaped it

still dark but very thick. what do you guys think? should i try lighten it up before SPD?

This still suspended in alcohol?

you heating your AC?

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What brand of AC did you use?

Do you have access to dry ice?

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Green grinch

Yes, warm etoh ac scrub.

2" celite bed as reccomend

Etoh before spd

After about 3 months carbon scrub won’t leave a visual difference. It will however leave a chemical change so its good. Don’t worry if you don’t see a difference. Also it’s because the heptane tends to dissolve plat dyes more than alcohol in solute

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T5 won’t so much but take THC and make it acid and cause some isomerization. Carbon is 100x more effective.

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Sometimes i didnt this time

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Dude when you buy bottom barrel products you get bottom barrel results. I can tell you both those should look slightly different for the good stuff…