Trusted terpene and cannabis derived terpene companies vendor list

I’ve personally tried extract consultants and their strains are fire not the same base strains just mixed with a new Terp like most


I LOVE TerpenesRaw but have been hugely disappointed by Clear Nation. I have only purchased from these 2 and tried CN b/c of review. Just went running back with Kush&Cream on the way. Also TerpeneRaw has ALWAYS answered my questions and given me fantastic advice!

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Just wanna pitch in and say terpenes cali has been amazing in my experience, they’ve been my last 6 or 7 orders. Actually remarkable customer service in my experience, they sent a full large sized vial when they accidentally sent me a small one instead, giving me the free ml <3 might finally try betroit because of this thread too

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I’ve personally had great experiences with True Terps and Floraplex. We’ve also had a decent experience with Denver Terpenes(not the best but we kept a few of their flavor profiles in rotation).

Peak supply was a total no go for us. I ordered a sample pack of 12 different profiles from a rep and they were all terrible.

I’m about to place a personal order from TerpenesRaw to finally convince everyone else at my facility that CDT is the way to go


@Highleague710 Give us a try!

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You need can use coupon code “Sweet15” for 15% off your first purchase. :boom: :dizzy:

If I were to be elected to tl 4, I promise to end terp shilling by banning it


The best terpenes I’ve tried so far is @GoldCoastTerpenes . They gave a good variety of different types of flavors and their ‘elevated’ line tastes great :+1: :ok_hand: :yum:

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Why is it the norm for people to just shill from accounts like this now? Every single one of your posts you have ever made is pushing Gold Coast terps:

This is every post you have ever made. Seems legit


Lmao :joy: definitely works for them


Almost as bad as the reddit shills. Just needs to get himself to mod status and he’ll be right on par.



Those guys have good terps and they’re god guys.

Take your bull shit elsewhere


Inca Trail Terpenes really hooked me up. I went in asking for 4- 5mL bottles and they gave me an extra. The apple fritter blend they have is next level in my carts, all my customers love them

I’m surprised no one noticed half the sites people are recommending are just reselling the exact same stuff.

If their list starts with:
Apple Jack
Berry White

It’s a blend of 10-15 terpenes, flavoring, and benzyl alcohol/benzyl acetate to make it sweet. 50-70% limonene on everything. They will taste like a flat soda mixed with chemicals. Many turn pink over time and contain ethanol. Bottom of the barrel terps.

If they sell those, they are a reseller and have no idea what even goes into their products. You will notice most are located in California because that’s where the manufacturer is. You’ll notice the sites are all setup similar and use similar terminology. Stick with Abstrax, True Terps, or basically anyone that makes their own blends. If you want it to taste like weed… log off the internet and find HTE.


Guys I have some alarming news. This is Betroit. Owner of member of the GLG
It looks like my website has been hacked , I know who’s responsible , and I’m working on getting it resolved. Currently I’m up and running with my new fully secure website.
SO IF YOU ORDERED FROM ME ANYTIME SINCE December 1 please send me a screenshot of your order so I can get it fulfilled.
My official email.

The person trying to steal my business and website is using a similar email. If you receive any communication from the false email please let me know, in the DMs

I’ve spent two years building this business and it breaks my heart to see this happen. But I’m dealing with it the best that I can

In the meantime probably better to DM me directly for any orders.


Sorry to hear that. Really messed up what some people out there will do. Update when its back in your control.


You can ask the security department to arrest the hacker

You have a Wix website, send them an email and tell them you have been lockout of your website. The hacker must have simply bruteforce for the password, pretty simple. 99.9% of the time the weakness is not in the systems but in humans. Your password was not strong enough.

Thanks for trying to help bro, she got into my personal computer and took passwords and usernames to several account. Changed 2fa. And started stealing. I offered to pay her the blackmail amount. But she doesn’t want t money. She wants to try and control my business ( said she want to make money with me lol. While stealing my property . Obviously she’s got a mental issue ) which I will never let happen so. I’m about to start over.


I make websites for a living, if you want to, I can help you build a new one pretty quick. I am a Wordpress expert, we can even trade :wink: Just let me know. As you said, she is crazy for sure.