True terps vs floraplex

Just talking about quality, has anyone tried both of these brands and compared? I’ve had a lot of great reviews with true terpenes but not a lot regarding floraplex.


I personally think True Terps tend to be alittle strong in the “pine” terpenes, making most of the flavors similar to each other. Floraplex showed more diversity between different flavors/profiles. Clementine was my favorite from true terpenes and Strawberry Cough has been my fsvorite from Floraplex


I’ve been using Denver Terpene’s and have had a lot of very positive feed back, there kinda pricey and don’t offer huge discounts when getting into the gallon size and the small selection of flavors but I used true terps for the last 2yrs and have been using Denver for the last couple months and from the first smell you can tell the less “chemical” smell. This is by no means saying true terps is bad there customer service is top notch.


Dont both combust into other carcenegens you really dont want??

Do huh? What’s that, plant based terpenes?

Do ur cannabis terps do that? I’m just trying to learn…I vape or low temp dab so yeah?

Who sets their meds on fire after adding diluent?

That shit is expensive…


burning pg, vg, mct, tec or c8… :face_vomiting:


I have tried both and found little if any difference in quality and I think if you search on this forum you will find a good number of Floraplex fans. Given that there isn’t any difference in quality I went with the clear winner on price point…Floraplex.


I personally didnt like any of the terps i got from both companies. Im so use to real live resin carts that all the artificial stuff all tastes like an incense shop so i gave every single cartridge away.

NOW…EVERY SINGLE person i gave the carts too say they tasted excellent and wanted me to make more. I did not get a single complaint from any of the carts i gave away…maybe cause they were all free or maybe im just spoiled on the taste of real cannabis products and these really tasted good. Either way…it wasnt for them it was for me so im back to the drawing board on how to enjoy my distillate.


Have u tried botanical terps? Not the fake strain ones, the ones taken from just natural sources, like orange, any fruit or herb.


not really i have a ton of individual terps here too which in the past i tried to make my own blends with recipes on the net with no luck either…im just sooo tired of fake tasting shit. I love the way top shelf cannabis tastes…why cant we all strive for that goal. rather than just settle.


I’ve used true terpenes extensively around 100,000 carts produced using they’re brand of flavoring I have also noticed a strong pine flavor and similarities between many of the flavors. My recommendation would be neither of the brands listed I turned to theterpenestore because they offer not only cannabis flavored terpenes but also a category called synergy those are fruit flavored terpenes ranging from banana split to Dr Pepper flavoring they work stand-alone to great sweet candy flavored cartridges or as a mix with the cannabis flavoring to make a cocktail of sorts where the cartridge has a initial cannabis taste with a backend candy flavoring so say I’m using granddaddy purple as my strain I use mainly the cannabis granddaddy purple flavoring but then drop a small back drop of say juicy fruit to give it a sweet after taste with a strong initial flavor this makes the flavors of your carts stick out more and customers start to pick out what they like best and can really formulate opinions on the brand.


To reiterate because I read some comments on the fake tasting these are good for cannabis only tastes as well the real cannabis flavors can stand alone and can be differentiated from strain to strain.

Try medical terpenes. Used a decent handful of different companies including true, connosiuer, bunch of cheap random companies well, and there are really none that yet have nailed it quite as well as them. Alot of customers noticed the switch right off, all for the better, and as of now it’s all I would want in my personal oils. And you can use such a small amount of it compared to alot of others. Like drop per G on many of the flavors is all we use with a flavorless to finish the cut and even that little the flavor pops really well.

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Try I’ve use a bunch of their flavors and I really like them, they have a good variety and good pricing.

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I’ve never tried Floraplex, however I have tried a good amount to True Terpenes. I can only speak great things about the flavors and quality of True Terpenes. The OG Kush is still such a classic for me. Is Floraplex a synthetic terpene company?

Pretty sure @FloraplexTerpenes is all natural just like true terpines. I’ve tried a bunch of true terpine flavors and all of the Og variants were pretty good, but their fruity strains suck, and everything else tastes the same. The floraplex flavors I’ve tried have been awesome (cannalope haze and grand daddy purp) I’m going to try a one of their multi flavor packs and will report back to the forum.

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Nope. We use natural terpene isolates. Which are natural organic compounds, just like TrueTerpenes and other terpene companies. Most of our blends contain greater than ~20 isolates depending upon the strain. :slight_smile:

However, we are a large company so we can leverage economy of scale, which is how we can offer all of our products at nearly half the price of other terpene companies :man_dancing:

We have an in-house R&D team (chemists) :man_scientist::woman_scientist:, we are constantly seeking to increase and improve our products offered, and we focus on introducing new and unique products like our Terpene Diluent and CBD Dilluent (coming soon!).

If you want to try our products hit me up by DM and I’ll have a sample pack of (5) 5 mL strain blends and a 15 mL Terprene Diluent sent to you for free! Let me know what blends you want to try :+1:


Thanks! I would love to read your reports :slight_smile:

Did you get a sample of our Terpene Diluent? If not, when you put in your next order, mention in the notes that Jeff from Future4200 said to throw in a free 15 mL bottle.


Hi @FloraplexTerpenes, thanks for letting me know y’all are all natural. I’ve been known to do my research and I did just come across a post where you mentioned you used both natural and synthetic. if this has indeed changed, how so?

If you don’t mind, I do have a few questions, since y’all did just come into existence around 6 months ago. How large is your new company to where you can control a market? I can’t seem to find info on the people behind floraplex, who is/are your CEO/founders?.

Also, one things that really drives me crazy and I can’t seem to shake, is how much it seems you’ve ripped off True Terpenes. Something very evident just from your website buyterpenesonline, their website being buyterpenes. It seems that you have attached yourself to another company to take them down (like a parasite) as opposed to actually creating a company in its own image. I could be mistaken but it seems like y’all laid it on pretty thick. Thats really the reason why I haven’t tried you guys. Just have a dirty feeling in my mouth. I really am trying to be un-bias though but y’all make it hard.


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