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TT will be removed from the premium vendor list until further notice.
Please continue discussion here.




Why did you hide the thread? Its not findable searching the site. This seems like a bad attempt to coverup what happened plain and simple!

Why not just lock the thread like has happened many times here before? And just start this new thread if you must? That way people can still find it.

And why remove the thread in the first place? Nothing was wrong with the thread and everyone was getting along. This smells very much like a coverup. And its a slap in the face to me and everyone else who worked hard on this. Hey @Future what do you think about this? And @qma I think this is worthy of a few memes?

Also, @sidco what the hell with “TT will be removed from the premium vendor list until further notice.”? Whatever happened to “temporarily suspended” until the GLG votes to let them back in or not? (which in and of itself is bullshit because there should be no vote. for doing something so wrong TT should be banned for life).

This stinks to high heaven.


If you told us that @sidco would try to hide the truth

Understood, In the name of transparancy I will never remove a thread it will simply be unlisted. Anyone who participated in the thread can still find and link to it. Relisted and locked.


I prefer scientific discussion. Honestly, I hate the sales here and it is all going away. That thread is 90% flame and almost nothing scientific (aka adding to the discussion.) I want this forum to be completely void of any company support or perceived influence. This should be a place of learning.

To be transparent, in the first few months of we asked people we knew in the industry to help get the site started. True Terpenes became a premium vendor for a $1000 payment that was supposed to be recurring. I have never collected payment further due to exactly these concerns.

I am actually extremely happy people are testing what is going into their body and we can call out and correct issues like this. It should be standard practice.

GLG=/=F42k -


A thread should read like a discovery of science. not a IG comment thread.


You are completely right. Moved the OP to Vendor category and relisted. I originally archived due to the premium category, makes much more sense to put the post where it belongs.


Oh, thank your God.

I couldn’t find Bender saying exactly what I wanted


Okay what we will do is pretend like you’re removed from GLG

I’ll put up on IG that you were removed for a labeling error, yeah, we will down play it as much as possible.

Its going to have to look like I am done with you for this to work so don’t get offended.

We will let a few weeks go by then we will hide the thread. Now everyone flipped their shit when I locked the thread so in order for this to work someone else has to do it under the guise of maintenance.

Then once the thread is gone we will let some time pass until all these idiots forget. Then I will make an announcement about bringing you back in


Honestly these threads aren’t having an affect on anything beyond this forum. If you look up True Terpenes none of this shows up until at least half a page of search results down because True Terpenes pays Google for listing preference.

Leaving up a 700 post thread of back and forth bickering doesn’t promote publicly discrediting True Terpenes because who is even going to read that far if they’re new to all this? It does instead set a mood for how people should communicate with each other here, and that is not the version of communication this website likes to promote.

If you want to make a mark, and it will barely matter ultimately(look at Firestone, Exxon, Jack-in-the-box now) there needs to be a post that starts with the ultimate conclusion and the results to back it up. Nothing else past that but scientific discussion on the validity of said conclusion which to my knowledge was still ultimately inconclusive in regards to what the compound actually is, though it is conclusively not 100% terpenes.

I mean, realistically, you proved Viscosity wasn’t legit, but that’s only a fraction of their revenue. Even if they never sold another viscosity bottle it wouldn’t tank their company so ultimately they can wait out the common knowledge generation that doesn’t trust them anymore and depending on how they pr all this they can come out the other side without much more than a hiccup.

I’ve got Firestone tires on my car rn because they’re affordable and if Firestone survived the recall catastrophe that nearly bankrupt their company because of the deaths caused by the faulty tires you can stand to reason they won’t make the same mistake twice. I also have fuel from Exxon in my vehicle because honestly I’m not old enough to have feelings about the exxon tanker debacle and because the gas station selling their products is close and cheap.

Honestly, all any of this did was make me not want to buy Viscosity or have any long conversations with EN, but if I didn’t already dislike their terp profiles it wouldn’t have stopped me from buying them necessarily. We’re talking about completely different product lines. Don’t confuse this as me defending their company, just making a point.


Guess we’ll have to keep people like you around to keep us all in check.
keep keeping a lookout, we appreciate ya.
@ExtractNinja too.


So, “Mostly True Terpenes” :slightly_smiling_face:


Well said @CuriousChemist22



Here’s an idea: Why don’t those who are considering liquidizer an interesting prospect, list those available? And then, have a civil discussion to potentially identify those products that are sufficiently safe to vape, as best we can, and rate them.

This would be a collaborative effort different from beating a dead horse product, like Viscosity. Or trashing a particular company, TT. Being on the bottom, or bump to an avoid list, would be their baggage. Not the forums’.

I don’t care how big an impact being on the bottom, or on a bad list, would be for a company. I, and I’m sure others, just would like to know if there’s a liquidizer out there that they can trust.

How about starting with:

  • FloraPlex (U.S), “Terpene Diluent”
  • Terpenes Foundry (U.S), “Terp Cut Pro”
  • Connoisseur Concentrates (Mr. Extractor) (U.S), Flavored cutting compounds, currently labeled “The Solution.”
  • Holy Terp (U.S), “Flavorless”
  • The Terpene Store (U.S), “LIQUIFY PRO” (Holy Terp’s Flavorless?)
  • Mass Terpenes (U.S), “LIQUIFY”
  • Abstraxs (U.K.), “TEC Temper”

I think I’m about ready to check out of the terpene threads for a while. It’s getting really tiresome watching people talk in the mirror. smh


Honestly a little confused/surprised one of the accounts I think for sure is fake actually had something positive to say about the company they all appear to be targeting.

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they’re evolving


we are not very far from testing all of it.
The only question is, will We hit the game with MDIs first. Then drop a Hiroshima on the whole vape game?
Cutting agents are for punk ass clowns :clown_face: and human abusers.
This ain’t Peruvian, it’s cannabis. Safety first.
Personal opinion of true terpenes…I assumed after future went there they were legit.
Always do your own research, and/or peer review.

Vape game is on the way out for smart people. But hey, McDonald’s is still booming so :man_shrugging:

But F a liar, if it really wasn’t terpenes…then what was it?? Mustard boof? Essential oils? Why does no one know? Never got sent to a forensic lab?
You literally could give that to HS and Be like, “ li found this unmarked bottle in my sons room and I’m scared he’s on the drugs”.
Boom. Forensic test.



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