Travelling to Barcelona in October ( Where to get flower and concentrates)

Hey everyone,
I am travelling to Barcelona this fall and am looking for recommendations on where to purchase concentrates and flower while I am there. Any other travel suggestions would be welcome also!

GWA, HQ Barcelona & Uncle’s Farm are some of the best & most consistent social clubs in the city.

Here’s another thread we have going on piattella from Uncle’s Farm:

I’ve got a ton of restaurants & bars to recommend aside from these depending on what you’re after.

Barcelona is extremely accessible via metro, so I don’t recommend taxis, etc. for getting around. El Born & the Gothic Quarter are some incredible areas to wander around.

You’ll want to book any tickets for anything in the city about a week out. Sagrada Familia is worth the tour if you can get a time slot when they open or the early afternoon when the stained glass is lit from both sides. If you’re opting for a tower as well, go with Nativity.

Montjuic has beautiful views of the city, the port & the Mediterranean, but make sure you get there early because the aerial tram line gets insane quick.

Parc Guell is beautiful as well.

There are a ton of day trips you can do to places like Girona, Sitges, Tarragona & Montserrat.

Some food from Madrid if you make the trip. It’s about two & a half hours by train, so not really a day trip.

Andorra is also about two to three hours away.

@AgTonik spent some time out there so he might be able to chime in & @The_Modern_Extractor is a great source of knowledge on the city as well.


Thank you so much for the info! What are cannabis sales like in Spain? Is it similar to the US? Or can you only access and consume product in the social club?

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You have to do most of your shopping at small markets in the morning because they are closed by afternoon in the neighborhood we stayed in. We bought flower in a local store from the owner (probably not legal, but hey accessible to foreigners).

It looked good, but low potency and very low terpenes from the curing process.


It’s a bit of a gray area where cannabis isn’t legalized, but Spanish privacy laws allow it in social clubs whether you’d like to view it as a loophole or not. You’re encouraged to consume at the club rather than taking it home just as a precaution of anything happening in transit. That being said, plenty of people smoke outdoors throughout the city because Catalonia tends to be more lax.

EDIT: I forgot to add that most social clubs will charge a membership fee. Some will be for a year, some are like three or six months. If you’re there for a bit, look at it as you’re buying a smoke spot. Nothing against bringing cannabis from another club if a different spot has better glass/amenities. I’d recommend reaching out to them on IG first since some have a bit of a vetting process if they’re not referral only.


You went ham on that reply and it paid big time! Thanks for sharing! That stained glass place looked pretty sick! The walls and everything…. Wow


Much appreciated. Sagrada Familia is an interesting read.

Spain is one hell of a country & it’s a great time to go. Anyone else wanting some recommendations can message me so we don’t flood this post.

I did forget to include this in case @silkydabs wants to hit any contemporary art museums:


The Sagrada Familia is definitely something to behold. If you’re gonna pay to see anything, pay to see this. From the outside you can see how crazy complex the architecture is, and it’s worth just walking around outside a few times to get the different angles… but from the inside… Ah that is a transcendent experience. Well worth the ticket price, note that you have to buy the ticket online usually the day before and you pick an entry time.

Also badass food for cheap. And no tipping expected. Sit down food can be vvverry slow though, so if your in a hurry it’s best to get some to go counter food. Donner and/or big floppy slice of pizza to go. So many good sit down restaurants, one that sticks out is a super cheap African restaurant “Bar Foni” nearish to the port in the old town, place had the cheapest plates and that good meat-on-rice cookn. Catalan food is awesome, piella is great, they also do texmex pretty well.

For weed, the “coffeeshopps” aren’t like Amsterdam. You have to contact them before hand and ask if they are accepting new members and pay a fee for access. Suppose there may be some that accept walk ins but it could be a gamble. There is a beach area where there is usually some Indian guys slangin in the evenings. Its a pretty nice series of beaches… Look for all the drunk Germans and you’ll find the ol weed guy circling.

Your gonna love it! Barcelona is such a great place, I’ve never seen such a vibrant place as La Rambla on a Friday evening. Enjoy man.


Gaudi’s temple is one of the most amazing and beautiful sites in the world. It’s one of the places I wanted to see in my life before I die.