Trading Cards and the Dollars

Trading cards are fun interactive games for kids and adults alike, but they can be a great way of making money/investing.

I love pulling yugioh cards, trying my best to get 20-30$ cards, and then selling them on eBay. I met a young white mother one day at target. She was all over the pokemon, football, and basketball cards section, telling me they are great value. Do yall collect or trade, trading cards? I do not care to play with them, all I see if the dollar bills (Potentially)

If you’re a subject matter expert, what cards would you buy to make a significant profit in 10 years?

I’m no expert but I do have a couple boxes of rare cards which I’ve looked into and have been wanting to make the right choice in moving them or appraising or even grading them as most are in perfect condition and a lot of them worth quite a bit as well. I’m sure @ky_cbd may have some more input and even a good outlet /thread for such a thing

Cards are the way to go they are so tiny ships easily and yield so much if you get lucky with a good one.

The subject matter here has nothing to do with canna business so it’s been moved. :call_me_hand: :beers:

Is that what think tank / ground up is more for, not the echo chamber?


Fair enough

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Had my run with buying/selling/trading MTG. Now I print them out, put them in a sleeve with some card stock behind it and enjoy the game without worrying about the $. I saved the most valuable 500 or so cards I bought and gave the rest away. Maybe if I keep them in the closet for awhile they might be worth enough to pay off what I spent on them (2-3k, I lost track). I’ve been waiting over 10 years. Hopefully my kid finds them when I die and makes a few mil.


Pokemon is always a winner.

I just had my house burn down and have insurance guys going thru all the cards ughh

My son collected Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, hopefully some winners in there

My old star wars cards worth a grip as well

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Sheeesh I’m sorry to hear that! I’m sure those Star Wars cards are something crazy, I remember my grandpa had original box sets of the vhs & in the early 2000’s they were worth a pretty penny un opened too. I can’t imagine what old Star Wars gear is worth now that Disney has accumulated the brand and rights.

@sidco that’s awesome! I’d love to see some prints sometime

It’s awesome to see children get into collecting too! My daughter has more cards than I do :joy: she gets so excited doing pulls and she started watching Pokémon on her own it was a proud dad moment.

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I know a fair bit about the subject as I own and operate a game shop.


I have some mtg pro points from back in the day. I’ve still got a pretty extensive collection and have been eyeing getting back into some local tournaments decks have gotten stupid expensive though


How do pokemon cards appreciate in value, for Yugioh, if you get them while the cards are hot you’re golden, if not it could be worthy in a few months if the new ba list comes out.

How does that business operate? Do you buy cards from individuals and then resell them or go directly to the distributor and then sell to local gamers?

How much does an old star wars box set go for anyways? i had no idea it had such collectors value

Depends on the edition, seals, edges, basically how well it can be graded, but just off a quick google search perfect condition ones can go from anywhere of 1,500-60,000 which is insane if true

I’ll let u guys know after insurance adjuster goes thru the cards lol, I have thousands of cards.

I caught the contents person trying to just take a picture of the pile of cards and not itemizing them,

Will see what hidden treasures are found


I grew up on Pokémon and YuGiOh and still casually participate by watching YouTubers

I watch/listen to people opening cards so that I don’t have to spend money on cards. It’s good background noise too.

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Both are valid streams of revenue for a card shop

Card shops don’t seem to stick around very long. Most people that start them are passionate about the hobby and have capital to start the business from other ventures.

It’s also very ponzi scheme ish. The rise the last few years , which I didn’t even realize had happened until this thread, isn’t sustainable. It’s following the unnatural growth of the stock market. Probably, trading cards will crash harder and faster than stocks .

the fact that there’s a thread on a cannabis forum about trading cards is a good indicator this bubble is peaking but I’m not a financial advisor