Tolling prices hemp



Hello there,
So the Quistion is what are reasonable prices. One pays to CO2 extract large hemp biomass quantities
I already signed but curious how Well i did
I pay 32$ per pound hemp and get winterized crude delivered
Total volume is 20000 pounds
Regardless of % in biomass


My lab does $30 a lbs to turn into Bubble Hash and then I believe from there is 1.25 a gram of isolate.

We process 2,000 lbs an hour

minimum is 100,000 lbs to toll.


@Roguelab, did you get a quote to turn the winterized crude into distillate, or into isolate?
Curious about the all in price-per-pound that would be reasonable.


Where are you located?


No quote on that for. I plan to transform the crude myself on location
Most equipment i had ordered Some time back already and Some still needs to be bought and the toller has Some equipment on Sight
So an adventure as i Said :grinning:
Keeping the end products simple to Distillate and isollate
And isollate for as much as time Will alow
Yust grabbel this chance because a breeder friend of mine got the biomass as pay for seeds delivered and iT s at 17% avarage of 15 samples taken from the biomass and 0.002% thc
And the thar yust got delivered and is running iT s maiden runs as we speak
And the owner of the thar offered me 6 weeks Tolling use


I am in the netherlands diffrent continent :grinning:


That is crazy volume. Are you using co2 or cavitation


Can You eleborate on the cavitation process as much ass You know about iT
Is this cavitation and high ph water extraction You are refurring to ?


Using ethonal actually, we have a very unique patented system.


What’s your onsite method?


Thar is the extraction 2000lbs a day co2