Toll processing prices in Oregon

I wanted to make a post and see what people are paying / charging for toll processing on hemp in Oregon. One of my colleagues is thinking about moving his lab up there to toll process but wanted me to ask around. Were hearing numbers like 20-25 dollars per pound of biomass processed into isolate / distillate (I don’t believe this include T free)

Does this seem right for tolling in Oregon?

Any help is appreciated


I just priced out tolling to W/D crude at 5 different labs this week 10-15$ per input pound


That’s about the mark, without mold and pesticides.

What’s W/D crude?

Winterized decarbed crude


So if someone wanted isolate it would be more than 10 to 15 a pound?


We are doing 20 to 25 depending on the quantity. Further processing available at additional rates. Hes in the ball park.

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I just contacted about 20 different labs last week and I’m getting these same numbers. I haven’t run across $20/25 per pound, but a lot of them are just working with splits and keeping a huge percentage of product. A couple of these guys are trying to get as high as 35/65 splits. When you called, did you talk to them about splits?


Whats market for a split? 50/50 60/40 ???

Farmers are getting raped out here. There’s just so much product right now the extractors have all the leverage. The big boys are doing 50/50 minimum with some as high as 35/65 (in their favor). I found a couple smaller ops that are doing 60/40 still, but they are few and far between.


Sounds like Oregon needs us if processors are being dicks like that

If all goes well were planning on running 6000 pounds a day up there.

We want to straight toll though, no splits.

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Damn 6000 pounds a day, where is the facility going to be? I would love to see an operation of that scale.

Would this be t free distilate?

If you do come, I hope you come and make a positive change and not just contribute to the constant and ongoing fuckery of the little guys :neutral_face:

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The issue is farmers don’t want to pay anything for extraction.


This is true… Everybody jumped into hemp farming with both feet and didn’t budget (or even consider in some cases) how they were going to market their crop. I get that. And for all I know, the cost-effective extractors are the ones who never called back because they’re booked out for the next year. But what’s left is all the ripoff artists charging triple what they need to charge.

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From my understanding itll be in Portland somewhere?

Idk if it’s in the city or what, I’m supposed to come up there this weekend with my colleague who wants to move the lab

Were planning on doing T free eventually but to start we will only be doing isolate / disty.

We would be bringing up the very first Yellowstone ffe produced, along with 2 popes, a filter reactor plus my whole lab lol

One thing we will be offering that no one else offers is conversions to other cannabinoids.

You want some delta 8? That’s easy.

Cbn? That’s possible too

We’re also going to be phasing out evaporation eventually and going to membranes which will allow us to crystallize cbd a instead of CBD getting you more for your money.

The membranes will also allow us to warm extract, keep the terpenes (because we dont evaporate to seperate out the solvent) and itll save us 80% on evaporation energy costs. We will be making the cheapest isolate/crude/ disty around because we will be using the most efficient equipment on the market.

Imagine a full spectrum hemp extract that has real hemp terpenes in it.

I’m trying to change the industry, not just Oregon :wink:


Well until you’re up and running they have a 5klbs a day lab here in roseburg. Expanding to 10k. It’s crazy. Their ability to winterize that much a day is mind bending lol.

Extractors deserve the big bucks


As a farmer I might be a bit biased, true :slight_smile:
But it’s been a rough couple months with the bottom falling out over here. We just had our neighbor shoot himself because he was overextended and then his crop got black mold. Obviously that has nothing to do with extractors.