Tired of Disposable Samples that Dont Work (Need a reliable 2.0ml disposable source)

First off I’m very sorry to add to the ever growing list of disposable related threads, I’m mainly doing this because its been hard to distinguish sales people reviewing their own products versus an actual review in some of the other large threads. I’ve been receiving samples for a little over a month and have yet to have success with any that have been sent. It seems like all the tech I’ve been sent so far is a carbon copy of tobacco vape equipment meant for low viscosity liquids. Has anyone had any luck finding a decent supplier? Preferably someone state-side with a decently low MOQ but open to anyone at this point. Thanks in advance for any reviews or advice!


Which ones haven’t worked out for you?

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Not even exactly sure which companies but a few different Chinese manufacturers that all just gave me a whatsapp number and contact but no information from the company. It has seemed like a very sketchy process from the start.


What are the problems you are encountering? Burnt taste, clogging, leaking, something else?

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Text me sir (626)601-7636

Brother, our BD28 won’t make your disappointed.
Feel free to DM me for samples, thanks.

@Ascent has the best I’ve tried

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Sorry I didnt elaborate much. Wicking is the main issue, I havent had any of them wick at all yet. Im using a pretty standard ~6% terpenes and this same formulation has worked great with traditional cartridges. We’ve never had report of burnt taste or any other wicking issues.

I appreciate the recomendation💯

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We purchase our Disposables from Zach at 02Vapes. I attached their brochure for ya. I have no financial or vested interest in the company, just have been doing business with them for a while.
O2VAPE_Brochure_2022 (1).pdf (6.2 MB)

Also, if you’re doing Vapes, we should for sure discuss getting you some samples of our Live Resin CBD. Shoot me a DM and I’ll get you some samples.

— Devin Christy | Co-Founder | 949.445.9810


We have stateside 1, 2 and 3ml.
Standard black.

However we can provide customizations at 10k pieces with a lead time.

We are not the manufacturer of these vapes, but we’ve been sourcing through our supplier for several years and have never ran into a major issue. Gone through millions of them.


2ml and reliable for how long (with or without visible reachable recharge but not refill ports)

I can barely make a 1ml battery disposable last without begging for recharge (well worth having, even if tossed later) which begs the question: why not make them all rechargable and refillable / new top part (like juul)

Please move to rechargable only. Even if disposable.

Please move to top replaceable instead of disposable to save batteries and waste less.

My 2c

Please move to stiizy/juul style options…
Where they have cartridges that fit the reusable battery… outside of 510…

Why spend $2-5 wholesale / distro for something that covers its recharge port making them re-usable?

Why support this??

Absolutely custied.


I completely agree tbh. Its what the market is calling for right now amd no one wants the pod systems. Its disgusting how much e-waste it produces and it just makes more sense to do pods with a better quality battery


Most of them are rechargeable now honestly, through the bottom.

I gotta say I consistently found that 2ml began to clog at about the halfway point on any of the disposables, 1mls start to try to just a little towards the end. Mind you I haven’t put a lot of 2mls to the test because I decided the research supported the conclusion that after 1ml the coils have degraded enough and been saturated so heavily they just start leaking and overall performing poorly.

I have found where a lot of carts are running 2mm holes several disposable pods are still using 1.2mm which unless I’m mistaken is even smaller than the old 1.4mm carts used to come at. That could be the issue you’re running into that’s causing them not to flow well.

I’m a little surprised you’re having trouble a 6%, but it sounds like you’ll need to reduce your viscosity one of several ways, some more reputable than others.

The other issue you could be facing could simply be that you’ve been getting swindled. Try to vet your suppliers a little before you close on your next sample.


I’d be interested in seeing the amount of degradation products that accumulate into the last half ML or so of oil on a 2ML disposable cartridge.

Regardless of the quality of materials used, reheating the same mixture of oil and terpenes that many times in a disposable cartridge with an ever-growing supply of air is just asking for a chemical soup. Monoterpenes degrade from much less exposure to heat/oxygen as it is.


Agreed. Just trying to keep pressure on the subject

Many of the disposables we see on the market today are repurposed e-cigs designed for glycols, which creates a lot of problems when trying to use for cannabis.

Here are some of the concerns we see:

  1. smaller ceramic coil and center posts (compared to 510 carts) simply means you’re trying to vape the same amount of liquid with a smaller coil head and then force vapor through a narrower center post. This is a classic set-up for clogging and spitting.

Heating and cooling over again will eventually create build-up in the center post that hardens when cooled down and naturally block the air pathway.

  1. Employing a button for pre-heat, or tapping the device with (touch sensor) is one way to pre-heating the oil to unclog, but you’re not really fixing the problem, as mentioned in the first point.

Sucking harder on the device to unclog is simply further flooding the device so the life hack appears to be using a toothpick or pin to poke down inside to manually unclog.

  1. Many of the flatter designed disposables cause the device to sit on its side. Having a coil and absorbent material that is not evenly distributed with oil can cause dry burns, leaking and spitting.

There is nothing more satisfying than a hot glob of wax all over your teeth and mouth. (Enter sarcasm). Nor is the liability when someone burns themselves and files a lawsuit. Our industry is still young, but consumer liability will only get worse as everyone is trying to make a buck off of someone else.

  1. Because many factories make larger capacity e-cigs, it’s almost cheaper to use a 350 mah battery cell instead of a smaller 180 or 220 mah battery cell that is rarely used in e-cigs these days. The sheer amount of waste is sickening to think that a perfectly good “rechargeable” battery is getting tossed after 1-2 charge cycles.

  2. Most disposables are made with petroleum-based plastics that take 100 years to break down in a landfill. Once again, we are contributing to massive amounts of pollution. All for the sake of ease and comfort.

Our definition of a perfect disposable is:

  1. we’d rather consumers use carts and save the battery but… we’ve lost that battle.
  2. using a low capacity battery with a charge port.
  3. utilize the same 510 infrastructure that is mature and proven to work with various oil formulations.
  4. the device easily stands upright when not being used.
  5. no extra chipsets for variable voltage options or press-button pre-heating. Again, PCB’s are in short supply and strains our supply chains and producing PCB’s are actually quite harmful to the environment.
  6. uses some form of compostable or biodegradable outer shell/casing that breaks down in a few years.
  7. doesn’t burn, leak, clog or spit.
  8. make it refillable. We’ve heard so many people complain that they finished their disposable and feel bad throwing it away cause it is such a solid device.

We know that the minute we share an opinion, there will be an opposing opinion trying to show how wrong we may be thinking. That’s ok with us. Everyone has a right to an opinion and the consumer is quite diverse. There is certainly a device for everyone.

While we can’t stop the popularity of them, we can do our part to be thoughtful in the design and how they are made and try to be less damaging to our natural resources and environment at the same time.

We make advanced vapor devices for cannabis.


To reduce development costs, many manufacturers just changed the size of oil tank, so 1 gram disposable becomes 2 gram disposable, but the heating coil still is the same. It is just like that you use 1 gram disposable to refill again, it’s hard to keep the pure taste forever.

If possible please try BBTANK 2ml preheat disposable. Our 2ml adopts the newest ceramic heating structure, 4.6mm ceramic heating diameter delivers faster heating and smoother airflow. Preheat function 100% solves the clogging issue.

Welcome to reach out to me if you want more details. WhatsApp +86 157 6653 1879. / Email: sales20@babytoncig.com

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@ThatHempGuy , Hello, If you’re tired of disposables that did not suit for your oils, how about trying our new DBL² Pod System.

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I can vouch for 02 Vapes carts. They have great quality and are a touch on the pricey side.