Tips and tricks for pain management and appetite stimulant cat with cancer

Thanks in advance, from uncle scar


Nvm Search bar seems to have answered my prayers

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In the few times I’ve witnessed dogs (not cats sorry) get into edibles, they don’t want to eat or drink at all until they come back to reality.

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My condolences. Bookmarked.

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Iirc CBG can function as a nonpsychoactive appetite stimulant. Sending good vibes to your kitty. :heart:


My blue heeler (50# max I think) ate a 20mg d8 gummy earlier; two hours later he was running and jumping around like a puppy and a half hour after that he ate the dinner for both dogs I had put out. And then finished off the second bowl I gave the other dog.

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Sent you a message. I’ve been dealing with this for 6+ months now.


I’m a veterinary technician and technically can’t give medical advice over the internet. But I can tell you what I would do if it was my cat/what we commonly advise owners to do. First how was it diagnosed? Aspiration/bloodwork ect.
Also wondering what medications the cat is currently on.
Send me a message if you want.

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