Dog cancer

I’m curious if anyone has any anecdotal stories of treating cancer in dogs, FECO, RSO or otherwise…


0.1mg/kg will get the dog high.

10mg/kg is where folks are treating granny (after knocking her out at 0.1mg/kg).

I’ve certainly provided meds for folks that were treating their dogs (both thc and CBD dominant). Unfortunately I’ve got no miracles to report.

I would expect most dogs to learn pretty fast what happens when they eat that weird smelling stuff. I’ve certainly been told of dogs that understood the CBD was helping and actively sought it out. I would imagine they would avoid the “massively stoned” doses though.


Not dog but a Friend’s cat, who was dying from a cancer (skinny and always tired)…
We’ve been giving it 1:1 THC:CBD tincture, and also CBD and CBG tinctures, various ways, all full spectrum… The THC (and certains terps) is strong on cats, must not be too dosed…

Since a few weeks my friend is giving it alternatively 1 day the 1:1, and the other day the CBG tincture.
He found that this was good for the cat. It started eating again since the beginning of this treatment. And my friends tell me that the cat is now 4 months older than what the vet predicted, and is looking much much better. :smiley:

I have to ask the dose he gives, but I think it is only a few mgs of d9, perhaps 20 mg per dose big max (one drop at 18%), not more.


I have firsthand experience, and have had plenty of reviews from customers of a nice full spectrum CBD pet product (8-9 cannabinoids at a good concentration) giving older animals relief.

Would be happy to ship you out a bottle of our pet product for him/her to try just send a DM/text

As far as treating and potentially shrinking a cancerous tumor though, you may want to try a high dose of 1:1 CBD/CBG. I’d avoid giving animals THC.


My ex father in laws pit bull had a large tumor in his mouth the Vet removed the mass once it was so large they removed teeth and part of the jaw. The tumor grew back fast and was black and unhealthy flesh about the size of a tennis ball keeping the dog from eating…as a last resort effortThe dog was treated with RSO ( a few micro doses a day for several months) made with naphtha and good trim…and the result were incredible. The tumor shrunk down to the size of a golf ball the vet was shocked at the results went from black unhealthy tissue to pink healthy mass…the dog continued treatment and lived several additional years before finally passing away…I believe he was 10-12 year of age.


If nothing else, cbd will work as a sedative and probably provide pain relief when needed.


Could even give 20mg or so of a human CBD product, and gauge results. The only real difference in human vs animal products is concentration. (and sometimes bacon or fish flavoring)


i’ve been giving my 14 yr old jack russell 100mg per day (he weights 26 lbs). it used to be 2.5 mg/kg, but he’s been having hard time walking. it fucking sucks. I haven’t looked into other cannabinoids yet, but i do have some CBG i bought from @Thetetraguy

anyone wanna recommend some formulations? I want to try T but fucking a, i don’t wanna get disty in the rec market here. its already terped or just poor testing.


when i started him on CBD (2.5 mg/kg) back in 2019, he couldn’t go up or down the stairs. after two weeks his energy was HIGHER. didn’t tell my roomie (control i guess lol) and he noticed too without me saying anything.

now im fucking hitting a wall. yeah snoopys 14, i should be more than happy, but fuck dude. shits been eating at me to be real


my homies dog was due to expire last december. did chemo and radiation, but it didnt perform like the vet hoped it would
she is currently putting on weight and dogging around like she was 6 yrs old instead of 12
they attribute this reversal of fate to cbd iso and black walnut tincture. i had never heard of the walnut thing before and i dont think they said anything about the dosage for that, but i think they were doing .025-.05g/lb of dog on the cbd


Thank you everyone who has added knowledge to this subject. I have a 9 year old male black lab with some hip dysplasia; as well as, severe muscle cramps after swimming all day. Just trying to contribute, not hijack. If anyone has knowledge on what I could honestly do to help my best bud since highschool would be very appreciated.

Hope all is well,




Not hijacking at all! Meds for all the puppers!!!


Black walnut tincture given in small amounts daily will also prevent heartworms and fleas.


The pet tinctures I’ve mad have had 2-4% Cod Liver oil. Pets seem to love it. Here’s my recipe for 10 - 300mg bottles. You can omit the flavoring for more MCT or perhaps exchange it for a different flavor oil your pet likes.

Total Bottles: 10
Isolate 99.0%
Total Grams Volume per bottle 30
Desired CBD MG per bottle 300
Total Product Formulation
Total Volume (MCT ONLY) grams/mL 288
Total Volume (MCT+CBD+Flavor) grams/mL 300
CBD Miligrams total needed mg 3,000
Grams of Distillate/Isolate Needed + 2% grams/mL 3.09
Flavor (Cod Liver) 3% grams/mL 9.00

My business partners old Golden had tumors all over body and wasn’t doing well. He started giving her RSO, and building up her tolerance, eventually had her taking quite a lot. We think it extended her life by about a year. It was difficult though, sometimes she’d be happy and very mobile and more puppy like then she’d been in a long time, sometimes shed just sleep all day, and other times she trip out and get paranoid. He stopped giving it to her when she started tripping out really bad. She seemed a lot better for a few weeks, then her health started going down hill quickly, he started to get her back on the road, but she died shortly after. I know he regretted stopping her treatment even though it was difficult to see her tripping out.

So it seems like it works, but it can be very intense at times.

Like I said at other times she was doing great, better than she had in years, I know my friend is super grateful for getting those moments with her.


A word of caution we gave a dog some rso once and it never woke back up. I made a tincture for someone for free they gave him it and it died and they accused me of killing the dog

I also helped treat a very old bulldog with seizures and was giving the owner decent amount a week for free and I found out he was selling some of it so I blocked him and cut him off then the dog died a week later and he tried to smear my name Saying I killed his dog because I stopped the treatment

I’m not saying don’t do it but sharing 2 bad experiences I had helping people


Love how everyone is adding their anecdotal evidence

This isn’t really a cannabinoid only story but I have a 15 1/2 year old small mixed breed who went paralyzed in his back legs after a spinal injury a year ago. The vet said I should start thinking about end of life options but I just knew he wanted to live longer so I made him a sling and a little doggie wheelchair and started giving him something called Vetri Disc (it has bovine throat cartilage as the main ingredient), as well as Cosequin with MSM, and I’m not saying that it cured him, maybe it was just his will to survive and thrive, but a few months later he started trying to use his back legs and fast forward to today and he’s walking on flat surfaces on his own. He’s wobbly but he walks and he LOVES to walk. He’s got really bad arthritis though as well so I give him a couple of pain meds the vet prescribed and a cbd treat every now and then and he does pretty good although when I add the cbd in he gets a little drowsy which kind of stinks. But I’d rather him be a bit drowsy and functioning with less pain than the alternative.

I’ve lost several dogs over the years and it’s gut wrenching when it truly is end of life decision time. Not knowing if you’re making the right decision at the right time. But a friend of mine once told me something that really stuck with me. She said when your pet can no longer give or receive love it’s probably time. I hope you find something that works for your dog. Maybe it is cannabinoids, but right now there’s only anecdotal evidence, just be safe with it whatever you do. The fact that you’re reaching out here shows how much you love them though and I hope it turns out well.


Took my dog to the vet after a scary road trip. I never witnessed my dog have a seizure at this point and the (hopefully) first one went un-diagnosed. I just knew his behavior was wildly different and his activity was very sluggish. The Vet basically said he was fine though and sent me home with no meds and no corrective action other than try to get him to eat cooked chicken and rice since he would not touch kibble.

I did not trust his opinion. I sourced 99+% CBD isolate. I gave just a small amount, 10-20 mg per dose on a spoon with a bit of peanut butter once a day. He was about 15 lbs. His behavior and activity normalized, if not got better than in years. That only lasted another 2 months or so and then he did eventually have another seizure. This time the seizures never stopped. I think he had 6-8 total seizures overnight before the vet said we should put him down. I don’t regret that decision at all. Perhaps upping the dosage later on would have pro-longed things but it certainly would not have stopped the inevitable.

In my experience, the CBD isolate on it’s own made a night and day difference in his appetite and energy levels. He was acting young again which made my heart full. However, dogs lives are finite and we should all be aware there is an end to each relationship we make with our furry friends. It hurt me a lot but I am actually glad he lived a full life (13 years) and doesn’t suffer anymore.

I wish you all the best with your animals. This thread really hits the feels.