Time lapse start to finish Sublimator run

This month was a change up. No terpene horizontal run first which is a first pass distillation. So far it has been
Step One

Step Two

Step Three
First pass cryogenic sublimator run

Step Four

Step Five
Second pass cryogenic sublimator run (time lapse)

Not much left.

I plan one more step which is one more cryogenic sublimator run but at 120C on the yellow portable unit. The yellow thermocouple is roughly the oil temp. The mantle setting shown in green LED and actual temp red LED. Typically the chlorophyll by this point is removed but my flow this month skipped that step to observe difference given the change up in procedure. The compound is damn fine med right now but tomorrow I will dial in some water clear. Today was a good day brothers and sisters on Earth and now I am going swimming after a few puffs.

Compound is in vacuum storage. Peace.