Thrips H2O2

Hi there, has anyone ever tried to ger rid of thrips with a Hydrogen Peroxide solution?

Captain Jack’s, oil and alcohol are the usual IPM methods for thrips.


I have used Monterey Garden insect spray with / spinosad for an all natural pesticide.
Also, Lost Coast plant therapy, works well. Natrual safe alternative.
Both with great success.
Also recommend spraying when lights go off or for greenhouse/out door spray in the Early Hours or late evening so you wont get burn on your plants.


Thanks for the answers, my problem is that i wont get any of those in the nexte few days. I have the h2o2 at home and thought maybe someome has tried that.
I would make it about 0,2-0,5% H2O2.

h2o2, chlorine, or bt in the res for the younguns
spinosad or isopropyl for the flyers
yellow sticky traps for good measure
fuck thrips

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Dawn dish soap is instant death to any bug. I like to make a foam of suds and massage by hand over the plant. It is easier to hit the leaf undersides with foam. The bugs die immediately so you can wash off the soap right away, getting the soap off afterward is important.


If you use h2o2, how much percent h2o2 do you use?
Sounds nice, thankfully I have recognized it early enough so they are in there first period of life, the h2o2 should work the. : )))

If i remember correctly the trips stick better to blue traps rather than yellow?

But could be other flyer aswell…

look for the 35% h2o2 (ive only ever seen it at grow shops). not sure about dosage, i havent used it in a long time. that should be easily goggleable though

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yellow worked fine for me. but ive never looked into yellow vs blue for thrips specifically, you could be right

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Blue deff works better, had plenty of experience with both, they both work but blue seems to be best for thrips.
Fuck thrips

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The 35 % is great for purity, but it must be drastically diluted. I have sprayed the drugstore 3% diluted 50/50 with water for powdery mildew. The plants took it, but they didnt like it that much.

Ok it has to do with the optical organ of the trips, and what it reflects inside it…

The blue draws them in for some reason because of the “eye structure”, sorry for the lack of terminilogy…

Maybe diatomaceous earth spray woul make sense, sice its abrasive efect.

Best of luck!

the strips arent to kill them, its to identify whats in the garden. Ive used spinosad it works. Is spinosad unhealthy? Im pretty sure i have used eagle 20 to clean clones before but now I see its frowned upon and bad.

The traps deff help with the flyers, and if you put enough in a room they do some damage to them. And honestly the winged fucks are the hardest to get rid of.
I use green clean root zone wash and capt, Jack’s and mighty wash (only in veg.) if in flower you just gotta live with them.
Mighty wash kills most small pest on contact within 20 sec, the root zone wash from green clean kills the eggs in root zone, the I use capt jacks for a few days.
I do all of this in about a 3-4 day period
Mighty wash
Green clean root zone
Capt jacks
I’ve tested multiple samples of my weed and no trace of pesticides. Just can’t spray anything in flower.

If you got them bad and all stages of them, then you need to hit them hard from multiple angles.

ive nevver had thrips be an issue. They are pretty noticable with the marks they leave and the poop piles. and spinosad has always worked for me. Just wondering if they found out its bad.

I’m not sure I’m curious now tho

someone here said spinosad degrades to non detectable in 40 days? its an organic thing found in a cave where they brewed rum/ doesnt mean its not a nasty. I think they found it by the one cave not having bugs/

For some reason I thought this was for aphids but I’m guessing it would work for thrips as well other than the root zone cleaner cuz apparently thrips lay there eggs on bottoms of leaves and stems from what I read.