THOMPSON&DUKE Semi Auto Filler For Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer:THOMPSON & DUKE
Description: MCF1 SEMI-AUTOMATIC VAPORIZER FILLING MACHINE - Used for 4 months, Works Great and is super efficient. We just do not fill carts anymore.
Price/MSRP: $6,000 OBO
Current location of item: Pueblo, Colorado
Estimated lead time: Days 10
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller , Yes
User support / Warranty: n/a


What’s the mfg date on this machine?

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Id Have to Check when I get to the Lab, We purchased it brand new from a failed Hemp Company right before the pandemic.

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Can I ask, What does the MFG date tell you? We are closed for the weekend and I am an hour away from our lab at the moment.

Just want to know general age of the machine.
Lets me know support info from manufacturer as well.

If its post 2019 Ill probably take it, pre 2019, makes it less desirable.

I like getting my clients newer equipment.

Oh Ok, Makes sense. I believe it is 2019. Let me text the old owner and see. It comes with the air compressor too if that makes a difference. Also, Where are you located at? Ill get back with you shortly and confirm date from the guy we bought it from.

The Machine was bought mid 2019, I spoke to the guy who sold it to us. He confirmed he did have to wait temporarily for the machine to be completed. Used it for about 20 hours and closed down shortly after. Again, I can confirm the actual MFG Monday but I did get a chance to speak with him.

Do you have any pics?


I do, My partner is sending them to me later today.The unit itself is well maintained too. I will post for you guys.

This is the only info on the Unit. Does this help? Apologies if not!

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Shipping available? Does it come with everything included that a standard machine would? Have you done any of the upgrades to it?

Shipping is available, No upgrades. Everything comes with the machine that it originally came with too. the air compressor is pretty much new as well

NEW T Piece As Well:UPDATE We are not shipping the compressor with this item. It weighs to much to ship for a reasonable price. Although, you can get the same pump at any harbor freight for 160$

Shipped from our facility on February 19, 2019

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Willing to drop this down to $5200 If anyone is interested this weekend only

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We’re interested! I’m in Colorado and can pick up this week. Give me an email and we can coordinate


I will shoot you an email now.

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