TheLostBiologist Bucket and Post Processing Tek for Golden Extract


Do you put on a buncner funnel in layers or could a guy blend them all together and put in an inline filter?


You have a point. I was just thinking less filtering media because the amount distilled will never change but the winterize and color pull will

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I’ve heard that it’s better to layer them instead of mix them, so i add between 300-500ml etho per media to make individual slurries, pour one at a time under vac. Then just before you’re gonna use the funnel, pour more etho on it and place a 25 micron filter paper on top then dump the tincture on it. I use a 25 micron paper at the bottom aswell. I’m using a 240mm funnel now instead of my old 185mm one. Makes things go faster.


This is the new way ha!!! Glad I met you today this is something I been kicking around! And those ratios are for every 15 gallons? So if I distill first to 10:1 it would be 10% of those correct? Or the same because it’s the amount of undesirables in the mix? Do you think the condenser could get crap in it doing it this way ?

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I’m gonna find out how much i can run through the media today, as stated I’ve prob been wasting a lot of media changing every 5 gal. But I’m hoping i can use it for 15 gal. I’m glad i could be of help. I’m heading to work now, so I’ll be off the forum for a minute. I’ll try and post updates later tonight. Most likely in the eho color remediation thread. I also do a last filter through the smallest micron paper i have, fine grade (2-3 micron). I haven’t noticed any particles in either roto or spd.


I recommend checking out the EHO Color Remediation thread. Also, if you’re interested in doing it inline you might want to read the BHO Color Remediation thread.

There is a ton of insight on the filtering medias and methods. Once you guys have passed material through ethanol and fuged it out, is there an point in running it again? I just want to be sure I’m not leaving anything behind.


Quick answer to how much can be put through with these ratios. I got 13 gal through before the green started leaking though bad. So I would prob settle for 10 gal for these amounts to stay safe.

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And this was 150lbs on 15 gallons? Do you think it the ratios are media:biomass or media to cbd laden ethanol? What were your soak times?


I think that is really depending on start % and soak times. I like a first pure pass chilled. Then bucket tek style for the rest


This is not my doing it. It’s done in house at ecodyst. They were not forthcoming with any relevant info on Instagram, so i called them and was told this. I believe soak times were 10-15. 15lbs batches in 15 gal, reused 10 times to make a total of 150 lbs in 15 gal. I also found out that solvent 3 is hexane, if I remember correctly. And it was 15% cbd trim used.

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Yes they make a new denatured w hex now

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Hmmm, really? Who does? Do you have a link to that perhaps?


Lab alley. I got a 5 gal bucket I haven’t used yet only part I don’t like is how the ppl on hex is 300 vs etho 5000

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Yeah I’m wondering if packing the layers in a loadable filter would work or the ppl at carbon chemistry said to mix them all. Any thoughts on both?


I’ve thought about mixing them, but then i read somewhere here and on a posted link, that layering was more beneficial and would lead to better results. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Also it allows for you to see what gets caught in the different layers. My 2 cents.

Edit: Oops for hijacking that post and answering. My bad. Hehe.:crazy_face:

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I was thinking the same thing one later at a time and shiiiit homey you been running this post ha

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I was busy doing my side job, sorry. I don’t mind at all :grin: I prefer layering, but not because of any functional advantage, though I’m not suggesting there isn’t one, instead because I like the idea of looking at the medias separately for rnd, and because I’m still considering the idea of reusing medias, and keeping them separate allows me to reuse one even if the other is spent.

I tried agitating in solution, but it didn’t seem any more effective, and definitely less time efficient.


So you can blend them all up and it will work the same?


I honestly don’t know in our conditions, but mixing layers caused channelling and a reduction in color removal for bho remediation. Mind you they work under heavy pressures in most cases and we generally don’t.

When I mentioned agitation in solution. The seller’s instructions say to heat your oil, mix in your media, agitate constantly for a preset time, add solvent, remove media via filtration, then remove solvent. I tried that, but added solvent, and then media because I can’t agitate my product well without solvent present and I’ve read a bunch of sops suggesting it doesn’t matter if the solvent is or is not present during the agitation period.


So most likely you need to pull it through and not push it