The White CBG seeds for sale/trade

I have 6000 seeds of The White CBG from Oregon CBD. I would like sell them or trade them for other Oregon CBD varieties. I would also be interested in trading for seeds from Taproot Seed Co.

We are scaling back our production a little more and decided that we need to cut back on CBG production.

I have all of the paperwork with the seed and they have never been opened. They have been stored out of the light in a cool room in a safe at our house.

I paid $1 per seed and would like to recoup the $1 per seed or possibly trade straight across for different flavors.

I have a pretty decent climate controlled greenhouse with extra space and would also consider germinating the seeds for an additional fee. We can provide trays or you could bring us trays of your choice. We’re located in Medford, OR.

Thanks, John

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Im pretty sure ur not supposed to resale those according to their MTA. But fuck it ill trade/buy some from u

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In to see how @seth responds

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Bump bump damn throwing homie under the bus


Do you have other Crawford seed to trade?

No i just have my own personal thc strains. If your not interested in those, id still be interested in buying some

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They’re against reselling the same exact seeds under the correct name and price? I assumed they’d just prohibit cloning, making your own seeds, selling under different names, price gouging, etc.

Been in the seed game since 87. It’s fascinating to be on this side of the fence. I’m very curious how the man who put in the work feels about this side step ~ oblivious to those on the board who openly soap box the sale of non transferable goods of one of our own. You do you.

I maybe misreading it but looks if u buy “Material” (aka seeds) from them, the “material” cannot be transfered to a third party. Im assuming because that would not hold the third party to the same MTA as the original purchaser agreeed to. So as soon as those seeds are legally sold or transfered to another recipient, they would be in the clear to multiply and resell seeds.

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I suspect >90% of these dudes selling high CBG seed this year have already been breeding with Crawford’s stuff.

Isn’t this a similar type of agreement a farmer agrees to with Monsanto?

Is everyone here fine with how Monsanto treats farmers?


No fuck monsanto.
It all dependa on how oregon cbd responds to people breaking their contract.
Im not aware of them suing anyone yet, i think so far they just dont give u access to their seeds anymore if u break the contract.
Hopefully the mta is just a safeguard for them and not a trap. Monsanto didnt start suing until years after they got their genentics to spread everywhere.

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Well, just because they haven’t, isn’t it still a similar agreement?


Yes identical

It’s only lil ol’ me saying this, but if someone is saying fuck Monsanto, they should say fuck anyone who makes a farmer sign the same agreement.

I dunno, I find it weird the love for them on an open source forum.

Anyway, not trying to start an argument.:v:


I totally agree, hence me willing to buy the seeds without signing an mta.
I think its smart for them to have everyone sign it but its going to be a nightmare trying to enforce it, monsanto had alot of help from lobbyist and paid off judges.
Its gonna put alot of bad taste in hemp farmers mouths if they start suing over accidental cross breeding.
Are the oregon cbd seeds always released as feminized seed?

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pretty sure they only sell femenized seed.

So you have a strain lets call it CBD1. It had parents lets call them pCBD1 and fCBD1. If somebody has a strain of nCBD1 x pCBD1 or nCBD1 x fCBD1 wont it still have the same markers as CBD1? Would these n-crosses be blanket protected if only the actual CBD1 strain is registered as protected?

I dont think the crosses are covered, but they can sue for breaking the mta, how much idk. Thats why alot of companies are starting to breed sterile females. Those are the future i think. They grow buds with no pistils, we had a pheno of our Rose Mimosa (thc strain) do that and we didnt think to clone it. The crop cant be seeded by neighbor grows and cant be bred easily by the average joe

They used to call those “terminator” seeds. Thats what they envisioned when they started making fems. One seed, one plant thats the real way to make $$$. The next step is making a progeny that wont strike roots m sure theyre already there