The thc breathalyzer

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fuk that shit. First prove thc makes you unable to drive . I do great at gta 5 on thc.


I never get high and drive. I end up going 15 under the speed limit because I’m enjoying myself and listening to music more than paying attention. Which means it makes me a dangerous person on the road. I 100% believe that driving impaired in any way should be punishable by law. That being said, if you have a tolerance to the point that you are “medicated” but it is not to the point of impairing then that is a gray area. In general though I think the rule should be that if your eyes are bloodshot and not all the way open don’t fuckin drive.


some people may feel the same after a big meal. There needs to be science behind calling weed an impairment similar to alcohol. Alcohol makes you all fucked up weed doesnt do that to me.
People dont excel at much on alot of alcohol. Some people excel in their field high on weed


My torch and rig ride shot gun on the daily…

Shame on me.


You can be charged while under the influence of even a cold medicine. See 20yrs back about some kid (iirc) killing someone while he was driving while taking cold medicine.

Under the influence means just that, under the influence. It doeant matter if prescription, oc, alcohol, or other drugs.


@thumper dropping facts…


i got a dui stop once and I had been drinking all day and night. She said my eyes showed not dui, just blow into this… She said if I was under .05 I could drive off, over .05 she would call a cab and tow me. I blew and it was .051 she let me go, I think sh even lied about the number. when she asked how many beers I had I said 8= maybe she appreciates honesty


This is such a Grey area.

I’ve been told since I was in highschool that I could get a dui from smoking and driving but it was usually the cop who pulled me over telling me that. But here I
am in my 30s with no dui ever.

They didn’t have any way to test back then but its still a joke to me when they try to scare you with that. I don’t think it should be treated the same as alcohol when the side effects are driving slower than average and bumping music.

I get that under the influence is under the influence but this is all new territory with the new world.

I’m curious to see how they will go about this in the future though :thinking:

They have hit alot of people hard in michigan with OWI for marijuana. There is a law here that if they suspect your under the influence you have to get taken in to a hospital for a blood draw. If you deny it they can suspend your license for a year. So if you car smells like weed they can go about this route. It takes a real dick cop to do it but if you get into an accident your fault or not they WILL go this route. I have seen it more than once.

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Illinois has it set up so you lose your license for twice as long for refusing the test, compared to what you get for being guilty of the crime. License suspension is an administrative action, completely independent of whether or not you are found guilty of the dui.

The first use of the thc breathalyzer will be by employers, who will make employees consent to it. But I am sure that company is dreaming big and hoping states will mandate them for police officers. Then after you get convicted, they will make you install one in your vehicle if you want to drive again. And the makers of these devices will of course get rich.

This is a good thing. There is not a test currently that effectively tells whether you’ve smoked in the immediate past. This is something that, one way or another, needed to exist. Could it be used for ill – sure, but that’s on legislators not on the technology. It’s certainly much more fair to use this than to use a urine test, which some people were trying to promote for DUI testing, and which were standard for many employers!

One regulator cited lack of breathalyzer as one reason on-site consumption facilities couldn’t be allowed. If this allowed us to go in that direction i’d be all for it.


10yrs back, a college found a way to make thc available by a breathalyzer. Cincinnati iirc

WTF was Tiger woods on? It doesnt look like a sober accident. The road is straight and hes like 50 feet to the side? The reporter says if you go uphill and let off the brake your car accelerates- this is 2021 . New Details on How Tiger Woods Was Found Following Crash - YouTube

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He was reading a future4200 thread between @Killa12345 and @spdking while driving. Anyone wouldve done the same.


I am dying


they threatened me years ago with thc. I got busted going to the strip club, I was a block away from heavenly bodies and got pulled over fuor a headlight. I had just lit a joint? So they did their thing and in the process they found a baggie of blue dream seeds I got from a buddy in cali and they smelt weed. They made a big deal and then of all the shit my trunk was busted and wouldnt open. I had said they can search and they took it to mean tear my rear seat off to get in the trunk. So when they got in I did have coco soil and a hps bulb. I just said I use it for lizards and I actually was a uos driver in the spot I got busted. I got threatened with dui for weed even though I wasnt drinking yet. My car was HOT seeds, soil, hps bulb, and me smoking??? I gotta take care of it but this year i got a no seatbelt ticket- I had just smoked a hit 1 min ago and got caught in a trap at the entrance to a road. Im stinking and wearing a make America stoned again hat??? I got away with a 100 dollar no seatbelt. I recognize im nuts, but its not drugs, or I hope its not weed that does it. But yo cant assume weed is bad. Im still crazy without alcohol but its worse when im drunk

Oh yeah , they did all that and didnt find my weed, they had a pipe. I watched them search but it was like -4 literally and the dog couldnt smell shit. I narced myself out and told them where the 1 gram I had was. the judge was an asshole and broke the law and gave me a sentence which was 100 percent illegal


you are correct…2010…been there, done that. and you cant do a thing except sit in the back seat with cuffs on. It don’t matter what the substance is. took me to the CHP office, took my blood, and the rest is history.

This will put cannabis users in jail again needlessly. We have been consuming cannabis daily for ever…and now it’s a problem?

The legal cannabis industry never ceases to disappoint. Further control is the wrong direction…but I love freedom…so who am i to choose for you?