The Original Rosinator XL co2 option tumble extraction to rosin.

So I’m looking to purchase The Original Resinator XL to use for a rosin manufacturing project. The plan would be to use fresh frozen untrimmed buds to the tumbler connected to co2 to produce hash. Then using this hash to press into bubble hash. Ive made rosin from bubble hash, I’ve made rosin from dry ice hash, but I’ve never used this machine or anything like it and I’ve never done dry ice hash fresh frozen. Does anyone have any experience with this or similar (toms tumblers have a very similar option) before I invest $10k into this equipment! Any and all advice is welcome. THX

For what you want to do mesh size is key. If you see their videos the get great yields using 200um screens. Some of the yield is plant matter that is making it thru. In my experience your cleanest results are going to be using 100um and smaller mesh. I actually stopped using the nylon mesh because they were not holding up to the cryo Temps. Now I only use SS mesh on my units.


Cryotemps on a rosin press? That sounds interesting, why would you want it to be cold?