THCP and other "extreme" psychoactive compounds

I’ve been struggling trying to make a decision whether to make this post or not. You see, I’m a libertarian and I believe in personal responsibility and that everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want to do to themselves.

While doing research in the early nineties I came across an article in the journal of forensic science about a post-graduate student working for Dupont as an intern in a research facility. They were testing a drug that at the time was unknown on the street. After sometime they decided it was not a viable compound and instructed the intern to take all of the stock they had and incinerate it. Instead of incinerating it he took boxes of it home with him and started having private parties with his friends using it until he got caught. Me being me, I decided I had to figure out how to make it myself (journal of forensic science gave no indication of synthetic route) and experience what it feels like. Under very controlled experiments it felt great, so I gave it to my immediate circle of friends to try, and everybody loved it, and then we expended the circle to their friends(also noteworthy is I have never disclosed to anyone exactly what it was(you can’t go out trying to get any more of it if you don’t know what it is), and made it clear it was completely voluntary taking it)… And that’s when the first signs of trouble started showing up. And that’s when I decided to dig much deeper into the effects of what it can do. What I found was scary, and so I decided to completely stop giving out any more of it and to destroy (a large amount that I have spent a lot of resources to manufacture) all of my remaining stock of.
I think people with the knowledge to manufacture “extreme” psychoactive compounds and new ones in general should feel a certain sense of responsibility and more importantly act upon it.
I think failure to do so is a sociological and legal time bomb that is ticking in our hands and we should take care not to set it off.

By the way the compound I described manufacturing in this particular instance is Methcathinone. And to be clear I am not equating Methcathinone and THCP (and other “extreme” psychoactive compounds) but I am pointing out there is a correlation.


What would be the difference between someone consuming large amounts of delta 9 thc (500mg), and someone consuming small amounts of d9 thcp (2.5mg) for example ?

Curious about discussion.


This shit hits :fire::dash:

According to posts on this forum and to defense department’s testing even a small amount will take you out of commission for at least two days.


That is definitely not the case for people with tolerances, even I someone who doesn’t smoke was high for 3 days. Although working fully functional and at the office everyday. If I took 10mg of d9 thc or even d8 thc, I am usually almost worthless.

Read the consumer reviews ( there is 70 of them + the reviews on our gummies.

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Pardon my ignorance but what are you trying to say?

US department of defense seems to disagree with you about the ability to be a fully functioning member of society for at least 2 days in their testing

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Well, wouldn’t be the first time the government was wrong. Not saying it can’t have that affect, tends to not.

What dose was cited by the government?


Completely and wholeheartedly agree with you on that one


If you feed someone 100-1000mg, totally agree with them. So I guess defining the dose would be important here.

But if you feed me 1000mg of d9 thc, I will be high for a week and also not be functioning or moving.

You could use this example in almost anything, chug a bottle of whiskey… Well you get the point.


Yes we have consumers that dab our d9 thcp straight. I would imagine they get more than 25mg.

One of my freinds dabbed like 50mg, almost no affect. Our THCp is always 90%+.

So you’re saying that your customer base should all be “heavy users” and “lightweights” should not be purchasing your product and you will avoid selling that to them?

Not saying that at all, I would say that everyone’s CB1 receptors are different.

People are welcome to buy whatever they want our site.


And right there is the core of the problem. You should not allow just anyone to purchase this product first and foremost you should not make it available to minors and as such you should not at all make it possible for anyone to purchase it online and not in person.


Well then shut down the hemp industry, not sure what to tell you.

And that’s why I’m saying if “you’re” not responsible then sooner or later that decision will be taken out of your hands and will be moved to legislators and law enforcement.


I think the issue for me with this is: I have a hard time believing these noids are being made from hemp.

Which is why I think this forum needs a non-hemp noids section.


You clearly are not a fan of the hemp derivatives market which is fine I understand, but to think it is going away is a folly. It is a 20B+ market.

There are some bad actors in the market, but I am definitely not one of them.


Let me give you another example. Also in the early 90s I wrote a paper describing three different synthetic routes to a psychoactive compound that seems really benign, very fast acting and dissipating, seemed like a whole lot of fun with very little downside. I made a bunch of copies of that paper and I left them in a shop that was very prominent with “like-minded people” so everyone can just grab it and have fun making it short while afterwards (about 2 weeks) I found out that while thank god no one got seriously hurt people did end up at the hospital. I immediately went back to the place and picked up all the leftover copies.
You have to have some sense of not wanting to hurt people… or else what the hell are you doing?