THCA Tincture - MCT Oil, Terpenes, and THCA diamonds

Hello! After lurking on this form for quite a while, I need your help.

I need to formulate a THCA tincture with an MCT oil base. My main concern is how well THCA Isolate(Diamonds) will homogenize with the oil. I also need to add a small amount of terpenes which hopefully will help dissolve the THCA? Would an overhead mixer do the job or would I need a homogenizer. The desired concentration of THCA is very low (~3.5mg/ml) and I’m trying to avoid decarb( a small amount is acceptable).

Is this even possible with THCA isolate or would it be easier with BHO?

Have you tried this on small scale before asking the pros?


I got some MCT and did a small scale test with a magnetic stirrer. It seemed to dissolve(about 95% of it) eventually over 30 minutes but now I have to wait and see if it will fall out of suspension or separate into layers. I was wondering if anyone new the science behind the solubility/homogenization and if there is anyway to ensure it stays homogenized.

Define “need”.

Yeah, it’s trivial. Above about 300mg/ml isn’t. But will work for a bit.

See Eg: Tinctures


Aiming for 0.70mg/ml of terpenes in the tincture. I don’t suspect getting the terpenes to mix will be an issue.

So “want” ?!?

Giving me the concentration you’re aiming at does nothing to explain the act.

Why would you expect answers to your questions if you can’t be bothered answering the clarifying question you are asked…


Sorry, let me explain. I don’t “want” anything. I was given specific parameters. One of those parameters was 0.7mg/ml of terpenes in the final solution. If it were my decision, I would add zero terpenes. I thought it was rather clear based on context, if it was not I apologize. So to answer your clarifying question: Yes, I need the final solution to contain 0.7mg/ml of terpenes because that’s what I was told to achieve, probably because of some notion of “entourage effect.”

No worries…

“Boss is an idiot” is a decent excuse.

Not one I tend to use, ‘cause after I’ve told them a couple or three times they are usually no longer interested in being my boss.


Totally get that many folks can’t do that, but I absolutely expect anyone on my team to tell me if they think I’m wrong…

I would have been doing you a disservice if it was your “vague notion of entourage” no?

Using strain specific primary extracts (BHO/eho/squish/kief) is a much better way to explore or let your customers explore “entourage”.



Yes, an overhead mixer will suffice.

Chances are this is “RSO” at 30mg/ml in MCT.

Edit: nope. I read the label. Believe that is a room temp EtOH (RSO) extraction. Same “roll the barrel in place” trick, different purpose.

Our THCA tinctures were much smaller batch size. They were also made with BHO, usually up in the high 80’s THCa-wise.

“Homogenization” was achieved by barrel walking around the almost empty 40k sq.ft warehouse…because it amused us.

When the camera’s came online we kicked the keg back and forth across the lab rather that go on record splitting our skulls being numb nuts.

The moving dolly enabled another stupid trick that we did perform on camera…rolling the keg with a stationary bike!!


See: How do you Homogenize?


When doing multiple ingredient formulations with two targets I would advise you mix your THCA and your terpenes to the ratio that you want those and then figure out how much MCT needs to go into it. Heated stirplate will work fine for smaller patches. Bigger batches an overhead stirrer and an oven will be your friend. Powder your thca for an easier time, big rocks take time and energy to break apart and it’s easier to get than energy from a blender then an oven.


I totally agree and thank you for your expertise. But unfortunately I have to use THCa Isolate as well as distillate(for a 0.3mg/ml D9THC). I mixed the distillate with the terpenes and added that solution to the test batch. After R&D testing, I’ll post the results of the test batch.

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