Thca powder questions

Hello everyone
I got a few questions about a thca powder i got
I put it in a jar at 250f and it melted right away and no bubbles visible
Is it some conversion from cbda or what is this?

Do you have the beam reagent on hand? It’s just 5% potassium hydroxide in ethanol, it’ll tell you if that’s CBD instead of THCa


No I dont have any of that right now, i could buy some but it will take days
Does cbda powder dissolves right away in heat
Is possible for thca powder to not loose any mass when turned into liquid
Cause i just scaled this 10grans of powder and still 10 g liquid

Cbda would decarb, cbd wouldn’t. Have you verified the hot plate surface is actually hot enough to decarb?


I left it at 250f for 10 min
Its liquid like distillate now
Can thca powder do that?
I use thca spun from sugar all the time and its no where close to this , it takes hours to decarb and bubble


Zero bubbles under that much heat would indicate a full decarb, in which case you would absolutely notice a loss in mass (12.3% by weight).

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No loss in mass 10 grams still 10 grams
Turned into liquid in 10 min and its staying like this
What could it be? @cyclopath can you help?

decarb requires more than just melting, and it takes more than 10 minutes

if it’s not THCa it’s probably just CBD isolate


Where did you get it? Care to name and shame?

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I dont even know its from my guy that got it from his guy in California he used it for making snow caps or whatever they call those nugs infused with thca
Im about to smoke it and find out if its cbd and i asked him before if its some conversion lol

Literally warned people about this happening less than 60 days ago :person_shrugging: gotta buy actual diamonds right now if you want thca, isolate is just to easy to cut/fake and its happening all over the west


Def CBD isolate with maybe some THCa added. THCa powder, even milled like that takes a while to melt at 250f and hours to decarb.


Beam test is at most $30 for a lifetime supply and will prevent these headaches at least some of the time


Can i use 200 % proof ethanol and koh?

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Yep, that’s all you need


I’m with @pdxcanna just because you made liquid (~70C for thca) does not mean you reached decarb temp.

Did you have a thermometer in the puddle you made?

CBD isn’t a horrible guess for “what is it”, but if they didn’t send you THCa is could be anything…which is where 3rd party analytics come into play.


It’s the Honeycutt game all over again.


Thanks, no thermometer in the puddle, it started to melt right away within 30 sec and not a single bubble escaping
I let it under 250 for 10 min just to see if any bubble will start escaping but nothing happened

I decarb thca all the time and the cleaner it is the harder it is to melt and decarb at 250f


Prolly fastest to just pay $70 for a lab to test it. This all seems like a silly way to go about determining composition.