💎 THCA on deck🔥 10 g MOQ

Thank you for your interest in Octave Labs products, Messaged you back, best way to reach direct is j.fried@octave-labs.com.


Octave: does your THCA product come with paperwork asserting ODA certified Hemp product. ? Just asking for a friend in Florida…?

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Hemp handlers license, COA, and a chain of custody agreement are all we have in process now,. It’s a bit of a new product and process and we are expecting to see things change pretty soon here, so we haven’t invested too much until we see what the new Farmville rules are. As of now , We can include a copy of our hemp handlers license along with COA from the product, if your friend also has a handlers license, we can do a transfer of in process material with a continuing guarantee agreement showing chain of custody.

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Congratulation, to these guys, on making some great hash for the legends of hash put on by bubble man. It’s amazing to see how things have evolved.

Get some nice big boulder diamonds for 4/20
100 g $420 for beautiful, clear hard faceted boulders

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Diamonds $3.20 a gram on bulk! Not talking about fragile week off color, cloudy yellows either I’m talking, big, beautiful, hard, faceted, primo boulders!
10+ kilograms or more
$4.20 a gram on 100 g

THCA Isolate $1.70 a gram on bulk 10+ kilograms or more
$2.99 a gram on 100 g

Hit me up on J.fried@octave-labs.com for more info.

@Octave We would love to talk about doing some business, we have a pretty large cannabis company that would like to explore some opportunities with you. We have emailed you several times in the last week or two with no response. Im not sure how to reach you.

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Homie, shot you a reply to the previous email!

Appreciate your interest in Octave Labs I’ll look for your email in a while couple weeks with spring break and eclipse etc. just getting back to earth and reconnecting with everybody

Why would you post 3 days ago offering product, with a post today, but you cant respond to emails for weeks?

I have tried twice to communicate with this individual, once for the hot cbd/cbg the second for thca stones. The first time it seemed he was high on a stimulant and continued messaging me nonsense, clearly could not communicate. The second time, i requested a price on a kg of diamonds as it hadnt been posted, just offered. He liked the DM, and ignored it. I bought a kg from thetetraguy and have been quite pleased.


Wait, what?!

** hot for d9

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Yo… sent you an email for a small order, should be in your inbox

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Full spectrum, CBD/CBG Distillate $99 per kilogram with 5 kg MOQ literally the best quality material for Henson on the best price of ever experience

CBD/CBG Distillate it’s about over 90% cannabinoid’s 1:1 cbd/cbg 2.5%-3% D9

Yo, let me know your handle in the email so I know it’s you otherwise I don’t recognize the email Thanks, Brahdda.

Appreciate your interest in Octave Labs product. Please include your handle in your email so I can make sure that I responded to your inquiry. Thanks again Aloha.

:gem::gem::gem:THCA, Isolate and THCA Diamonds current pricing till April 20​:sunglasses:

Bulk pricing is low is $1.70 per gram on THCA Isolate
Diamonds as low as $2.70 a gram on THCA premium big diamonds in bulk

10g @ $50
50g @ $180
100g @ $300
500g @ $1300
1kg @ $2400
5kg @ $1950 per kg
10kg @ $1850 per kg

Anything over 10 kg has to be done in Southern California with the SOP below

20 kg @ $1775 per kg
40kg @ $1750
50-100 per Kg $1700
Let’s go🚀

We can do 50-100 in Socal. 1700

This is what we need for anything over 10 kg

  1. Current Hemp license
  2. POF
  3. Money wired to an escrow account 48 hours before pickup.
  4. Pickup in California only
  5. Have 3rd party test to verify lot before pickup.

Pretty much same information for diamonds, except for prices

10 g @ $80
50 g @ $300
100 g @ $420
500 g @ $2200
1 kg + @ $3600
5 kg @ $3300
10 kg @ $3200
25 kg @ $3000
50 kg @ $2700

We can do 50-100 in Socal. $2700
This is what we need for anything over 10 kg
1 Current Hemp license
3 Money wired to an escrow account 48 hours before pickup.
4 Pickup in California only
5 Have 3rd party test to verify lot before pickup.

Please send email to j.fried@octave-labs.com
for request. Include your handle so I can make sure I respond to your request in a timely manner.

If placing an order, please provide following information:

Product your request amount confirmed price
Company name if applicable,
EIN or Hemp handlers license if applicable,
Phone number
Shipping address,
Invoice address

I can send you a square invoice which you can pay by credit card or whatever preferred method of payment you choose.

If you do not hear from me within 48 hours please follow up to confirm that I received your message. We do have a few other Octave Labs partners that do open up and check messages periodically if this happens, sometimes I don’t realize that there was a message waiting for me

Thank you, for choosing Octave Labs for your choice, Cannabinoids and terpss since 2019