THC Remediation Demand


I am a new entrepreneur trying to break into the cannabis industry. I have a background in chromatography and have been advised by a few connections within the industry that Chromatographic Remediation of THC could be an excellent business venture.

I wanted to post here to get third party opinions of this idea. Do you think that there is a strong demand for 3rd party THC remediation services? Thank you all for your time, any thoughts, criticisms or insights are appreciated.

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Yes there is and as of this coming harvest there will be more interest
Chroma is a great method but $$$
Also the amount capable of prossesing
At last hemp derived thc is differently taxed in some states so customer might want it back
What area ?

There is, but you can’t charge much per gram which in my book, makes chromatography not an option.
Maybe you can get $0.50 / gram from dirty distillate to clean distillate. Probably around $4/g from dirty crude to clean distillate.

Oh HMU on those labs that charge 500 a kilo of distillate cbd to make it thc free bro very serious. Already getting 4500 a kilo for my hot disti t free disti is like 7000+

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Yes $500/kilo probably does not exist, it is more like 1300 for thc remediation from crude and $2000 from distillate.


Hi I’m also interested in this topic. So is the number closer too 500$ per Kilo or 1300 per kilo there seem to be a wide variety of numbers on this thread.

Is it possible to Remediate THC from crude oil using chromatography? Is it possible to go straight to isolate from crude?

Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to actually run the machine?

Hi thank you for the reply, I am locted in colordo.

We are looking to begin remidiation in 8-12 weeks, do you have any ideas where we could find more people interested in using our services?

@SWELL Do you have any sources for these numbers? All of the numbers I have heard have been closer too @QGA’s numbers. I appreciate your reply.

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It is based on whole sale pricing of the end product in states that already have seen saturation (Oregon for example). Colorado still has relatively high pricing, but if you build a business now, you won’t really be fully operational for another year or so, so you got to factor that in.

Ya I’ve been quoted at 1200 from distillate to thc free disti. That’s the best I’ve heard


We would appreciate it if you did not discuss matters at which you have no idea what you are talking about but it could also not be your fault and just some bogus broker trying to fool you so if that is the case I apologize for the critique. The THC free market is unsaturated in oregon and it is needed all over the world, especially as this industry grows and weeds out illegitimate processors who break the law by shipping material above 0.3% across state and international borders.


THC remediation by chromatography is a joke, come on. Just crystallize the CBD.
If you can buy crystalline CBD for $3000 / kg, that is $3 / gram. This needs to include the starting material, the isolation and the remediation of THC. And you are going to do chromatography? Good luck running a business.


THC remediation by chromatography, (ideally reverse phase at scale) is the only surefire way of remediation. Ive seen some LLE methods, but i have my doubts as to the consistency. And sure you can isomerize to d8, which is currently unregulated, but that falls into a legal gray area some labs may not want to encroach on.

There is a huge market for THC remediation, and an even larger international market for THC free distillate. Thats why consultants are charging six figures for remediation methods.


CBD isolate does is not broad spectrum cbd isolate (thc free or thc compliant) this is the oil that has much higher market value. Thanks for the good luck. Keep reading.


I am interested in THC remediation for my Winterized Crude. I was going to use a lab in Colorado that all of a sudden change its story image that?
I was waiting for two different lad to send a professional proposal one said that they could do it for 1000.00 the other said 1200.00
Are any labs doing this that any one has used?
Need reliable information.

Do you mind sharing who quoted you the 1200.
I look to run Winterized Crude to T Free DISTILLATE

Just DM’d you.

Hello I was hoping to also get the name of the lab for thc free distillate. Thanks

I’m good James, thank for the offer. I own a processing lab as well in CO, not really in need of any product. BTW, if you’re going to advertise product here you’ll need to get verified lest they flag your posts and banish you to the netherworld. How many acres did you grow this year??

3,000 Ac in Oregon
Next year we are doing 20,000 ac in The Imperial Valley Calf and we are setting up a new lab with the new technology using H2O no more chemicals. The price I am most excited about is a 10" × 20" unit that can remove the THC using H2O! That a friend who Bulids Labs, His mentor developed the system.