Thc remediation by means of catalyst

Ok so one of the last secrets of extracts has been discoverd and
A fool proof method of thc remediation
Is now a fact
Question is ? What is it worth ?
How should one go about bringing it to the masses and who is interested ?
Those that made the discovery are
Wondering what s the best way to market this sop
A lot of time effort and $$
Have gone into developing this sop
And I honestly belief it to become the standard of the industry for it is simple and clean
I know there are several offering thc remediation sop s
But I doubt it s as easy as this one
Confronted with this I ask you
How should one sell this sop
Since it s simplicity will make it spread faster than corona
And those that should receive some
Pay for their efforts will if yust sold
Straight away never receive a compensation for their effort
For most buyers will resell or just hand out
Is there a escrow method anyone can sugest to line up buyers and drop the
Sop at once ?
Like to hear the markets reaction


Awesome news! I would definitely be interested in something like this. Just an idea, decide how much you want to sell it for and make it like an ebook, sell it through amazon. I don’t think copy and paste from kindle is an option. That might eliminate some of the “sharing”. Have a discount code for GLG members that is accessed through the GLG site.


Probably look into protecting or patenting your process and if you are successful, in the longterm you’ll be competing against other protected processes. If it actually works, it’s worth it to develop and license the tech rather than selling an SOP.


The main isseu is it s simplicity
And ingridient
Once known it s done
It s hard once confronted with the
How to make a $ out of this


I am not well aware of what licensing means nor cost but i heared it before
I personaly don t believe in patents
Nor in there enforcing
But i do find that inventorsdeserve compensation


I agree, inventors deserve compensation


I am definitely interested and think the developers should make some $$. Any ideas how much you want total? divide that by the number of members that possibly want it. There would be an initial rush. But whoever publishes, claims copyright. The SOP would be out there and most likely continue to make money for awhile.

as an example, In my glass artist world there are many techniques. We pay 25 and up for a tutorial or we spend months or year and a crap ton more trying to figure it out. with the possibility of 10k people buying that tutorial,that adds up. And we don’t just buy one. Also, there are new comers every year, so the initial publication continues to earn.


I think your only course of action is to get the buyers to agree to some sort of non disclosure contract after you teach them the method. You should vet the buyer for trustworthiness. Only deal with people or companies that have something to lose.

Also, I’m not sure if you or a different group of people came up with the method, but congrats all around.


No i didn t do Jack
But asked about and thinking out loud
Of How to make. A Buck on this
The idea of having to fight every abuser of your patent is dreadfull
Nda are shit to pfff i hate legal paper stuff


lol then I guess line up a group of people you deem trustworthy and sell it to them

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Be the cheapest remediation service in America. Don’t sell it at all. Thats the only way your gonna protect it.

I think with the prices of cbd dropping by the day. The longer you don’t monetize the procedure. The less valuable it gets.


So say 4 Nation wide labs
Dooing the trick. For ?
Whats a good rate Now a. Day ?
250$ a liter ?


Trustworthy :joy::joy::+1::+1:

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hehe yea, for example, I have a 100% positive seller feedback score on eBay, so you can trust me with your life

but yea, lease some buildings on the east, central and west coast of america, then charge substantially less than whatever it costs to remediate on reverse phase c18. you’ll have a good run until someone else lets the cat out of the bag. it can’t be too easy if it’s taken this long to formulate.

Whats the acerage remediation rate
800$ a liter input ?

sounds about right

I agree. Trying to sell this and keep it secret is futile. You will never be able to stop a leak from occuring. Honestly i would patent it. That way you could at least sue legal companies you find out are using it. Other than that you can just try and keep as tight a ship as possible but you know it will leak no matter what you do.


What about an SOP group buy? Figure out what you guys need to make off of it, find out how many people are interested & offer to release the SOP to the buyers once enough people are committed/have paid? Just a thought… might not be a great idea, it just popped up in my head.


Thats my first thought as well
Escrow the funds and run it


Yeah that’s not a bad idea. Make all the money up front before anyone has the chance to see it and leak it.