Thc-P Cbd-P and Crispr

So today I had a very interesting hour long phone call with one of the leading CRISPR scientists in the world whos in Korea. Basically they asked me if I could do anything to a hemp plant what would it be?

Take a wild guess at what I asked them to do…


Change the length of the carbon tail to make THC P or CBD P

I also asked them about splicing terpene profiles from cannabis into hemp, they said they think that’ll be easier then changing the length of the tail

They said they could most likely do this if they can find a strain with that molecule in it as they can trace the gene responsible and isolate it.

I found in the paper on CBDP/THCP where they got the strain they confirmed had it

Its an Italian strain that I guess the government has over there

I wanted to see if anyone else here has hear of any other strains with THC P or CBD P in them

If I can pull this off and I can get them a strain with one of those molecules in it there plan is to make seeds and sell them (and guess whos the US distributor :wink: )


While interesting, saying things like this:

and this:

make it hard (for me) to want to help utilize my resources and contribute. If you can’t see what I find objectionable in these statements, my sentiment is strengthened.


You dont have to contribute, if someone did though they would get seeds of the stabilized final product.

You cant expect someone who’s an expert in their field not to want to make money off their endeavors

They could do alot of other things with crispr but they see the value in a project like this

Dr Kim is one of the world’s leading crispr experts


I think I already know what gene is controlling the production, a large genetic set and analytical output could make this happen without crisper.


Here’s one of the videos my homie took of the meeting.

They asked me if I knew of an enzyme capable of breaking the carbon tail


Even better then because we can make this non GMO then by definition if we can control the genes responsible for this

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The big European hemp strain is Futura 75


It’d be way cooler to change the DNA of our political representatives, to make them human.


It won’t be an enzyme breaking the tail, it’ll have a different input compound utilizing the same enzymes that make CBGa, prenyl transferase(geranyltransferase) . Same with THCv. THCv starts with divarinolic acid, Thc starts with Olivetolic acid. So for THCp or CBDp, we would need to identify the compound responsible which should just be the 7 carbon analogue of olivetolic acid(5-heptylresorcinolic acid) and the biosynthetic process involved in making it. From the attached image, it just should be Octanoyl-CoA.


I told them as a chemist to break the tail without destroying the molecules is nearly impossible. So they asked of id heard of an enzyme that’ll do it, I told them there might be an enzyme that could break the tail but I’ve never heard of it.

Thats actually exactly what I told them

I told them the starting material is a 7 chain tail instead of a 5 chain tail. I even told them it was the same gene to make thcp as it is to make thc the only difference is that starting material and the length of the tail.

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We can do that with Crispr

Anyone who wants to see what we do with it should watch the Netflix documentary called Unnaturally selection

They actually prevent a little boy from going blind with it by fixing his DNA



Which is not how the plant does it…


Possibly. More likely an analogous gene. Duplicated then diverged.

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This might explain more

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They were asking why changing the tail was such a big deal

Idk of anyone able to take thc to thc v at this point

The whole point i made to them was if we could create strains with different lengths of the carbon chain we can access all the cannabinoids we have now but with the different lengths of tail

Delta 8 thcp?



Delta 10 thcp?

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Conventional genetics is a far simpler solution. The gene(s) required are already IN the plant (species). Informatics of the style @silverstudent is doing, along with appropriate analytics should be able to ID the specific paralog responsible for assembling with the heptyl tail. Marker assisted selection and conventional breeding will then get it anywhere you want.


You can also use Crispr to turn on and off certain genes, and from what I’ve heard you product wouldn’t be considered GMO as your no inserting DNA

I bet we can figure it out faster with Crispr then with conventional breeding

Im pretty sure the pure CBC strain is CRISPRed

Huge difference between post processing extracts and making transgenics. One changes the plant so it makes thcv. (Which we already have…)

You might evolve an enzyme to play that trick. If you can figure out a selection scheme.

You be better off cloning the natural pentyl & heptyl versions and use CBG from “hemp” as your starting point.


You modified a gene in the organism.

You can call it whatever you like…


Structure-activity relationship is the main reason for tail conformation being so important. Longer chains bind better to CB1, up to a certain length.

1,1 Dimethylheptyl tails have been proven to be the most active at CB1, with the 11-hydroxy analogues being up to 800x more potent then d9THC