THC -O acetate

Anyone hear of this or made it Yet?strong text


look here


I can feel @cyclopath screaming about the search function, lmao.


Lol morning posts before coffee finished saw it in article was like o snap! Gotta post it

This stuff is easy to make, why do you want it? Can i get some testimonials or maybe research articles suggesting medicinal value etc.

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For carts iT s Nice instead of the stoned void of disstilate
IT Gives a tripy high not to much but deffenitly diffrent
And a niche product
Medicinal valeus i only know one Guy that makes and smokes iT for migraine
Hè Swears iT works better
Other than that none
But hè not Many people can get their hands on iT so Maybe once mainstream the medicinal aleviations Will surface


Check out my thread on this! Its super powerful and sedative. Makes a great medicine but nothing that is recreational pleasant in my opinion. Let me know if you have any further questions.


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