THC distillate that is a mix of delta 9 and delta 8?

Hello fellow Future4200ers,

We had a companty offer us cat 3 distillate and when they sent the COA it showed 63% delta 9 and 32% delta 8. Is this a common thing? I was under the assumption a quality distillate would be over 90% delta 9.

I am also curious if this is not normal if someone can explain how they got such a high delta 8 unless theyre converting cbd distillate into delta 9 and didnt let it sit long enough to covert fully to delta 9. Instead of extractionn from actual thc biomass

So it begins.

This material has been converted.


maybe, it could also be that they bleached it on a spd or had a breach on filtration prior to distillation.


If it happened to me that the activated carbon passed me in the filtration and made a reaction in the distillation and my coa came out 63% d8 and 13% d9. it really was a big batch


Is there CBD in it or no?


This is a good question;

@Ssierla please post the COA in question; redact any personal info

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Might be; buttttt you never know now days.

If you are worried or suspect that you are experiencing a breach, let us know, we can help with that issue.

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do you just have a script running that looks for keywords and spews out spam?


Hey everyone i really appreciate the input on what could have gone wrong im asking him to resend the coa to see if it has cbd in it. They claim it is not coverted cbd but this sounds fishy to me.

Tenhemp is your question geared at me?

nope, toward @Filterman9

If theres a sizable portion of CBD left in material that is strangely significant in comparison to conventionally extracted material then I’d say it very well might be converted material.

However; if the CBD content is minimal; then the anomalous D8 could of been due to abnormally acidic conditions in the boiling flask during distillation. Refinement media potentially contaminated the crude.


I drilled the processor and found out that it is converted material which is useless to me with the delta 8. I appreciate everyones time in helping figure out the possibilities. This has also opened me up to some other knowledge that i did not have and ill continue my search for a solid traditional distillate processor.


Called it ;p


filter bot filter?


So let me guess they started with CBD Isolate at $750. Converted it to a D8/D9 mix and then sold it to you as 90 percent D9 CAT3 at $5,500. Shit is happening in every damn state. Smart move posting the question.


They were trying at $3800-$4000 claiming cat 3 and over 90% but i dont touch unless i can verify a report. What is even crazier is we are in the cbd distillate side of business and bulk buy at about $400/ KG i assume the conversion cost next to nothing so i cant believe this is going to be the new rip off in the market.

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nah you can squeeze a lemon in the flask and get some conversion. They are fucking ya.

i think it was @rowan who used dirt once from the playa and got a d8/d9 mix


Where can I find that lol.

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It’s been this way for a minute.

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