Thc crystillate almost water clear thc

Hi all first time starting my own post,
I have been reading about water clear thc distillate…
So I took some crystalline I made using N-Butane
and otss tek.
I proceeded to decarb it, starting at 219f it started breaking solubility point and bubbling I took it all the way to 248F at the maximum, but I let it drop back to 219 and tried keeping it there till all bubbles stopped, only bubbles when moved around on glass which I believe to be evaporation of compound not decarb bubbles…
( I usually decarb wax or shatter at max of 252 for about 20 minutes till bubbles stop)

I have used testing facilities previously to determine that as full decarb.

Usually it can stay at that temp up to 30minutes without turning into CBN.

I prefer using a toaster oven I like the fluctuations so it never stays exactly 250 it ranges from about 236-252F

I use a Taylor digital thermometer, and trap it in the door at bottom of glass level.

Took about 20 minutes 21 tops…

at 243F
at 234F

At 219F


Besides the tiny bit of burned terps, how is it? Try in a smaller dish or beaker and make a cart and let us know…? I have been toying with this idea for a while. Either this or distilling a whole bunch and seeing how that goes.


My profile picture winking at ya… It was almost done then
And water clear for sure! But I quick washed em dry ice etoh. The table under it is yellowish

Would have looked like that if I didn’t make carts…

Turned out really good in carts w my terps, lil viscosity

Lost my whole first batch, went up like firework on the crappy loader I was trying to use!


I was gonna put in a capsule and eat it, but perhaps a cart maybe better, just a tiny bit of terps that didnt wash off so not perfectly clear, I do have some connesuer concentrates terps I could cut it with to get it a little thinner, I will ask my homie for an empty cart and update y’all.
gonna let it sit in the pyrex for a day or 2 to see how the stability is first, might do a bigger batch if it works out, I honestly think its gonna be a cheaper alternative to distillate and aside from waiting for separation it’s less headache once it’s in a miner or jarred there’s no hands on time and no pre or post processing to get it clear and taste clean…


Use about 20-30% terps if they were good terps from the pour off. Best cart you’ll ever have. I warn you, though. You’ll never be satisfied with a regular cart again. I fucked myself up doing that. I can’t stand normal carts anymore. That capsule would get you high as funk


Haha I kinda figured it would, okay so it’s super hard like almost hard candy at room temp ~70°f

Here’s a bit I scraped up it might be like distillate where when its swirling in starting it looks clear but then when you make it thicker it becomes darker, however the Crystal’s had a little sauce butane just wouldn’t wash off, I kinda wanna try recrystalizing using pentair then decarbing, also having a residual test done to confirm pentane is removed all the way

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looks like its already got some cbn reaction going on cause of purity. Nice first thread. Awesome work @Cryo13

EDIT: i just had the light bulb go off real fast. Yo @Dred_pirate. What if that clear shatter that og cannabis is posting is just melted and rolled unwashed diamonds? He makes diamonds.

I mean everyone makes shatter…tons of people make diamonds. Really what a way to seperate yourself. Clear shatter. How many on the net are doing that??? What a marketing scheme.

If someone can get a gram tested. Im sure we can see exactly what it is.


Does he charge outrageous prices, if not then how could it be w the price he could get for diamonds

What does this clear shatter cost… diamond region or just prime shatter prices


He claims to not charge a shit ton for his products, too. At least on the wholesale side. And he, though never shows the material before, says it’s trim stuff too. His indoor flower goes to his diamonds, I assume.

@Waxplug1 what would you charge for a consult to gimme that recipe? Travel and room and expenses. And per day.


I think you have the right idea @Dred_pirate. Sometimes it might just pay to get the recipe. Im a super interesting concept and i wonder how it taste. If it has an isolate taste. Good luck with that! Hate the taste of isolates.


One of my bosses went to Oregon and snagged some up. It was wax, wasn’t something mixed back together. I should have tried it.


Thanks @Killa12345
Just had a light bulb myself, what if you cryo cold crash till it freezes solid then pour off most of the mother solution then proceed with the shatter process with what’s left, skip crystalization

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Gonna have to do a larger batch and have it tested to figure out if its CBN or Terps

I’ve never gotten more than 0.40% CBN from decarbing shatter at 252°F but I always do at least 5.5 grams in a measuring cup so it stays pretty thick like almost 1/4"

It’s a touch more orangey in the photo than what I see with my eyes not sure why

Definitely more terps but let’s find out what happens will go less temp more time
Last run was 0.30 scraped 0.25 back so loss is negligible imo

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here goes

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Starting to melt around 219 inside glass took to 235 to break solubility gonna try to keep at (215) while keeping bubbles will update if that changes


This is painful to watch! Nice 3 days worth of medicine in the toaster oven.


It’s not going to waste dont worry, well I better not jinx myself, but its usable hahaha