Thc/cbd drinks consensus

Just want to get a idea of what every1 prefers to use when making their own drinks. Im going to also assume it depends on what type of drinks you make. Do you guys prefer making your own cannasuggar, nano emulsions or what ever else water soluable method applications. I also know whatever type of drink and materials used will effect recipes differently. Trying to lean away from smoking since ive been smoking since 12 and now im 28. With new body pains and worries ahead of life. I catch myself pondering my health more since i quit drinking. Many years of alcohol abuse has made me abuse the fuck out of my body😆. What is your preference when it comes to juices/smoothie/sparkling drinks/ maybe energy drink? Again im not asking for recipes or anything, just your personal preference. Are you a all in one method type of person who would use the same thing or do you prefer using different methods for i guess the above 4 drink categories i listed.

My favorite drinks are Green Treets’ Pot Shots. They are fast acting shooters, with a lot of different flavors.

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