THC-A Flower and Isolate

In our market and nationally we are seeing ‘THC-A Flower’ as well as concentrate products being sold. We are in South Carolina, and a few stores are just now starting to carry it, and even gram it out.

I am interested in sourcing COMPLIANT THC-A flower and isolate, with less than .3% Delta-9 THC, with paperwork.

I realize that this is controversial. I am not yet making purchases, but doing due diligence should these ‘THCA’ products be determined to be legal at the retail level.

you can sell weed without announcing it on an international open forum. it’s not legal. embrace the grey (black) or don’t


As I said, this is ‘due diligence’. A comprehensive appraisal includes sourcing. I have three retail stores and things are always changing. I announce nothing except my interest in opinions and availability.

Delta-8 was not legal, mostly, right here on this forum. THCO. Whatever. At some point either the regulations, or in most cases, our UNDERSTANDING of the regulations has changed.

I have competitors selling these products openly, even gramming them out. I don’t DISAGREE with your appraisal, but I DO know that currently the legality, at the state level, of a PURE THC-A product is a matter of opinion until it is settled by a court.

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Just as long as you know (and everyone else reading) you’re requesting regular schedule 1 cannabis

You may be correct, but, until settled by a court in my state, at the state level? big-lebowski-the-dude1


This type of shit is what leads to overregulation


You understand it will decarb on the shelf? THCa turns to THC in the jar/package, it is just a matter of time, heat just speeds it up.

Also are you sure South Carolina is not a total THC state? Either way federally, they do care about total THC. And if popo ever want to test your stuff, they are also going to be looking at total THC.


Hey Labdog thanks for your response; I ABSOLUTELY understand what you are saying, and I also understand that it applies to THCO and D8 vapes and concentrates when exposed to terpenes or heat or time, and other products that are common in my market, including most CBD flower and d8 or THCO enhanced flower products: EVERYTHING decarbs on the shelf.

My belief and understanding from reading the code and advice of council is that South Carolina does NOT use total THC as the standard, at the retail level, but Delta-9.

The question is, is a gram of THCA isolate as compliant as a gram of CBN isolate? Can anyone produce paperwork for a pure THCA isolate or flower that has less than .3% when tested?

I don’t want to break any forum rules so I will not include links but a quick google for THCA flower will yield a bunch of results that are definitely THCA…

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I don’t see them distinguish D9 from THC in any of the SC law I’m finding… can you cite where you see them separate D9 from THCA?

(g) At a minimum, analytical testing of samples for total THC must use post-decarboxylation or other similarly reliable methods approved by the Secretary. The testing methodology must consider the potential conversion of THCA in hemp into THC and the test result must reflect the total available THC derived from the sum of the THC and THCA content. Testing methodologies meeting the requirements of this paragraph (g) include, but are not limited to, gas or liquid chromatography with detection.

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raghanded: Thanks very much for the engagement. I appreciate your time.

Where do you see that they combine them? I see them clearly say Delta-9 THC in the CRIMINAL code, not the farm bill or ag stuff.

THCA, THCo, THCv, these are all openly sold here in my market (not by me), and THCA flower is being openly sold online and shipped to my state. My industry bank and compliance team and council all say that THCA is in the same category and D8 or CBN or CBC.

I am checking with the Future 4200 to see what the Bleeding Edge of the market thinks… and to see if there are available products that comply with my requirements.

NOT to say you are wrong, just to say, why do you think I am wrong? I have read and re-read and still would not be surprised if you see something I do not.

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here’s the whole hemp plan, why don’t you just cite the part that makes you think it’s ok to sell weed as hemp

At the retail level, it is the criminal code that prevails, as amended by the provisions of the Farm Bill. You are referencing production standards.

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Put the first 50k made towards the lawyer and move all assets future or current into other peoples names

My question is if it’s legal hemp can we just sell direct to kids?


What you are doing is a risk that you seem to understand well. Many here that are jabbering about laws are mad that the barrier for entry into the market is being lowered (by hemp in general, but THCA too) and as a result, their profits declining. I see both sides of the coin, but don’t let the same people who said d8 wouldn’t last sway you. Take the risk if you must to stay competitive but know what you are getting into. For me, I joined this industry for the revolution. Medicine to the people at any cost. We wouldn’t be here today if the founders of our industry didn’t have that mentality. Isn’t THCA to those who need it the end goal? This is about improving people’s lives.


4 tha patients”, fam

it’s in there


Hey I have to respect those that got locked up in Cali in the 90s specifically.

When you have people close to you spend time in federal prison you become more aware and cognizant of federal law. Just because something isn’t being enforced right now doesn’t mean it won’t be in the near future, lots of changes happen quickly at the federal and state level. Not seeing any loophole in SC books either regarding total thc

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