Thar πŸ˜€


Thar at last :grinning:
The only THAR in NY stateUploading: IMG_1767.JPG… Uploading: IMG_1771.JPG…

Gmp licensed :grinning:




Roguelab aka el chapito


Welcome to the states brother. Enjoy the freezing cold! :joy::rofl::joy:


What’s that?


That’s a large-scale CO2 extraction machine.

50L or 100L I’d guess, @Roguelab?



You know what’s great about extraction equipment. Is that it looks scary and intimidating but once you know what everything is and how it works it’s actually really simple. I’m still scared out of my mind to work with c02 though.


96kg per chamber of biomass
7x per 24H
A beast No other name for iT
Most of the machines i worked with got female names
This is the first i can t possibly give a female name :rofl:


So you can run a full extraction vessel 7 times in a 24 hour period?


Yes 800 psi on the low side 1200psi on the high side 2.15 hrs per run
Still Need to see iT happen but thats the spec thar Gives


That’s crazy fast for CO2, awesome! Mind sharing how many grams per minute the pump can move? Operating speed not the max.


I look iT up in the morning :slightly_smiling_face:


Hows about Thor or Zeus for a name?


Thar is a great option if you want to waste a decent bit of money on the daily. really goes for any co2


How is money being β€œwasted” per se?


Congrats! Thar units are THE BEST!!!


I highly disagree


In the end once we have hemp strains with great terpflavors. We intend to use iT only for terps and a second ethanol extraction on the same biomassπŸ˜€