Thar ๐Ÿ˜€


Do not underestimate the hystiria in the hemp processing market the unit is already booked and full to the end of the year by Wich time iT Will also have reached the break even point


Good idea!!!


Rad! Thatโ€™s awesome. Are you stateside now, permanently?


on Grams per $ per minute compared to other leading technology. co2 is cool for science, but its costly, dangerous, slow, and limited in the products it can make. prove me wrong and ill eat my words, but only the xactxtract from aezoth piqued my interest. been watching one run hemp for close to 3 years now, not really impressed. not saying it doesnt work. prove me wrong and ill happily eat my words cause ive got clients who could use it

@steelrollin thats fine, thats your right, you certainly dont need my approval

@Roguelab then even more to my point, why buy a machine for terps that will contaminate product with fats and cannabinoids, limiting international distribution without further processing. im not saying it wont pull great terps, im saying great terps can be had for muchh cheaper at such a scale with a dedicated machine that doesnt pull nun but the good stuff, ready for international distribution or incorporation. and no im not talking about some giant steam distiller


The keys to why itโ€™s an important and viable extraction method is mostly centered on environmental impact, municipal restrictions, and terpene retention. Pumping literally pounds per day of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere is NOT ideal by any means. Certain municipalities will only allow the use of ethanol or CO2 extraction (the boat Iโ€™m currently in) so CO2 is the only viable option to get well preserved terpenes in large quantities that havenโ€™t touched steam. Iโ€™d love to hear about this cheap large scale terpene extraction machine you mentioned.

Beyond that, CO2 isnโ€™t as limited on product range as people often claim. Most of the current machine designs arenโ€™t geared for this, but, it is most certainly possible, diamonds, sauce, and shatter, etc. are all possible.

Not sure what makes you think itโ€™s dangerous either. Every pressurized part of the machine is equipped with a rupture disc that ensures that particular vessel does not exceed safe working pressures, and CO2 is not flammable in any way, so things like C1D1 rooms with spark-proof everything is unnecessary. CO2 monitors are required to keep the operators safeโ€ฆ I could go on.


You Need to revieuw sevaral things
We have made waterclear terpene extract with the unit thar provides for training pupuses at 4.7% of fresh profesianaly cured biomass
An 800psi run on a thar on both collection chambers is 1.5 hours
8/10 liters of terp in 1.5 hours tell me Wich machine can do that ?
And If we get to know this unit i am sure more magic Coming i have seen iT on a eden rig You Will not believe the posabilitties 4 collection cchambers extra in house


No i came in to have a look at this beauty and If all go s Well i Will learn how to operate her for a few months before summer at the same time the ethanol extraction facility is beeing build
I Will then train a few in this facility and leave iT all to do the same trick in the EU and switzerland all gmp for Wich i am beeing trained now
I am afraid that gmp is gooing. To become the standard in this trade


No bueno. Cool to look at though. Im good with a custom cls lol


So where are you guys located? If youโ€™re on the east coast I urge you to expand to Massachusetts and Maine. Massachusetts could use some more concentrates.


And he stated he plans on making ethanol concentrates as well. Which could very well be turned into virtually anything. So like heโ€™s doing clean runs for his terps and clean runs for whatever else he wants to make๐Ÿ˜€sounds dope to me


Newyork state



Phew! 1800 rpm max. Thatโ€™s probably working at around 600g/minute of CO2 flow at those pressures you mentioned. No wonder it can work so fast.

As a frame of reference, my pump runs at 300 rpm max.


Lets not kid around, any operation with pressures even half that of supercritical co2 is by definition a dangerous operation. Yes, theres absolutely safe environments for any processing technique, but all too often I see people pulled into the trap of co2 thinking its so safe, and ive been in too many facility where shits hit the fan behind a 2000psi discharge, and its nothing to mess around with.

Obviously yall know what youre doing, 600g a minute is farrr stronger than the Thar I saw running. Idk if theyve upgraded, but they were sitting at somewhere around 150g/min. nothing i had interest in when i could have gone through more biomass with a god forsaken sprayvap of all things. 3 years ago.


Where have you watch a Azoth machine run hemp? I am the only running Azoth lab and itโ€™s programming is a shit show. I work with all the former Azoth labs running hemp.


Seriously? How? I donโ€™t even know how anyone could be on the wrong end of that. Anywhere that my machine discharges gas/material is either outside or out of the collection vesselsโ€™ manual valves.


You don t sound to happy about those unit
Thats to bad hope You figured out how to get them in order :pray:


No, i said i watched a thar run for years. and that the technology pushed by you was the only co2 that seemed to be worth anything for forever.