Terpenes for orchid essentials

Although I am aware that not everyone will enjoy this, I felt that this would be the ideal place to ask. I had the opportunity to experience a cart from the company Orchid Essentials the last time I was in California.

The amount of taste and even fragrance these cartridges had surprised me. It had a lot of nose. It’s challenging to convey taste and fragrance with text, but you didn’t even have to open the box to smell the cart inside. According to what I can tell, terpenes account for 15% of the mixture.

Now that I’ve been experimenting with some oil and some carts, nothing I’ve come up with even comes close. Most often, it becomes extremely harsh.

Just curious if anyone has any suggestions for how I could increase the terpene content to up to 15% and yet not be this harsh. If anyone has a source for these terpenes or knows who provides them, please let me know. The majority of the ones I’ve tested are cannabis-derived and have a more natural flavor and aroma. This is starting to look more and more like a synthetic terpene to me.

Appreciate any help.


Do you have a picture of their packaging?

I no longer have the box that came with the one I bought. I put up a photo I found on Google. After the holiday, I’m going to California. I do plan to get a few more boxes to use as references. I think I can take a picture of them. With such a big box, it’s a little tough to keep concealed.


Not going to lie, a few years ago I bought one of their carts in Oregon and I liked it. It’s definitely fake terpy, like fruity, but not harsh or over powering. Carts have a time and place for me and, of course, I love the live resin carts. But these aren’t bad at all.


Although I personally love flowers, carts are useful at night. I was pleasantly pleased by how much I liked these. I’m beginning to believe that their coils might be important. I’ve tried using various carts that contain 15% of terpenes, but all I get is a harsh draw. I might need to look for lower temperature cartridges. Additionally, i might need to hunt for more synthetic terpenes.

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@MassTerpenes why were these carts good and others are gross? What do you think?

Damn I thought this would be a thread about extracting orchid terps


That caught me too. Way to go, OP.

Same. Bogus terps are bogus. No offense to this camp.

Nah you want a product using only real 100% C.annanis D.erived T.erpenes

Actually tastes like cannabis. (If they’re good)

I don’t object to this. How, I wonder, are they able to use a synthetic terpene at 15% without making it harsh? Does their use of terpenes include any coil wizardry (low temperature) or gimmicks? Is it really 15%, or is something fishy going on there?

Additionally, I’ve noticed a lot of the carts where I am right now are really synthetic. There was one that had a maple syrup flavor, albeit I’m sure it was entirely fake. I suppose that real terpenes aren’t to everyone’s taste.

Just some testing that I’ve been putting off. I have some free time right now and decided to have some fun.


I’m not sure. I really don’t know that brand…but i do know “tasteless” terps exist. Ppl can customize formulated blends.

I feel you… Bogus carts all over the place. Gotta be careful of what you consume…even from dispensaries… Some still sell bogus vapes.

Real CDT (cannabis terps) are highly & most desired. It’s just there’s so much dishonesty in the terp / vape space…it’s a common practice. Which sucks.

Ppl print lies on boxes. We really need to understand this. It’s important we share info and educate ea other …than quality goes up and scammers go away.

When you try a vape with real CDT you know. B/c it tastes and smells like cannabis, real deal cannabis.

I don’t mean to bash those who don’t use real CDT…I’m just bashing the ones that lie and decieve about it. And the ONLY reason bogus terps exist in 2022 is b/c of GREED.

Once u try a vape with real CDT you won’t want other bs ones.

I like we can talk about this :nerd_face::surfing_man:


If u mix some cdt with fake flavoring terps, u can get up to 15% np.
Ive only noticed harshness when the fake flavoring goes above 12% on its own, but mixed with some cdt or some diluent terpene, its not so bad

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A little late to reply but I wanted to let you know that our company also produces a cartridge with 15% terpenes that have a powerful but enjoyable flavor profile. Our terpenes are Live-Resin/Hemp-Derived/Cryo-Distilled in-house though, and our carts use our Live Resin CBD as well. That being said, we have multiple Vape Brands using our Live Resin Terpenes with great success.

I’d be happy to offer you some 5ML-10ML samples at the Liter pricing so you can mess around with R&D.

We currently have

  • Sour Space Candy
  • Sour Electra

Let me know!



I’m not sure if I would blame it on COVID or, in all honesty, on me becoming older, but I feel like a lot of brands’ flavors have been subdued. I’m not suggesting they’re awful. Just wished the flavor had a little bit more sharpness. In terms of live resin or terp sauce, there is no comparison.

I’ll give credit where credit is due—the company I mentioned produces a good product. By no means would I say that it is one of my favorites. However, simply something distinctive and enjoyable.

I do believe that some CDT and synthetic profiles may be in play.

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This is what I have also noticed. Even with some CDT, or at least what they claim is CDT, I still experience harshness at above 10%. I have a variety of terpenes on the way; maybe, I can experiment with some new profiles after the holiday. Thank you for the tip.

I don’t mess w NON cannabis terps. But I’ve heard over 1- 3% on its own can be extra harsh. Lots of variables I’m sure.

I also think mixing CDT with anything is only a greed thing. Mixing other terps w CDT ruins it imo.

Some camps mix HDT w CDT…majority do this only to drop the cost. A few prob trying to customize the buzz. But most it’s greed.

So that 15% mix is pure hemp terps? From live hemp plants? Nothing else in them? 100% pure HDT?

15% seems crazy to me. I have some hemp terps rn that over 5% is too much.

May I ask what’s in them? I’m not interested in any samples just wondering.

Both of those cultivars are very popular. I’ve had them both…obviously not the same as y’all’s. But about 5% ratio in distillate was more than enough. 15 seems very high to me.

IF your making a high quality product I think that’s cool…IF your cutting the terps I’d like to ask why? The only reason I see is for profit

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Definitely can be a greed thing, but in most markets the “original, non altered” taste of the real thing isnt what sells the most. Look at alcohol drinks, people arent drinking straight rum they usually mix it with some fruit or soda drink.
Some people buy the proper barrel aged rum (aka 100% cdt) but most people are drinking the mixed stuff.

Alot of clients like the flavor of the fake stuff but are still missing the high of the cdt, so mixing the two gives them the best of both worlds. U obviously have to complement the cdt, so if it came from a fruity strain try mixing really fruity fake flavoring to it. If its a gassy, cake strain, try mixing some fake cake flavoring or w/e