Terpene Vaporization Best Practices & Safety

So in Massachusetts right now we are having a vaping ban due to the recent outbreak of lung illnesses with an unknown cause (most likely coming from the illicit and untested market). However this has brought up a recent discussion about the safety and limitations for terpene use within carts for consumer safety.

What do you think are some “best practices” when it comes to using terpenes safely in carts and concentrates?

Please also link to any white papers or reports on limitations of specific terpene usage (limonene being an industrial degreaser more than likely has a lower tolerability range to other terpenes ).

Proper homogenization, and using 10% or ideally less as a ratio seem to be ideal practices.

My personal digging through research papers didn’t yield much in the way of being able to discern any particular safety profile. In general, it seems based on the research that direct vaporization of terpenes is in the least aggravating to the airways.

I’m convinced that people react differently to different concentrations and blends. People can be allergic to terpenes as well, to different degrees of intensity.

Some people love peanuts, some people die. :man_shrugging:


Um illegal and LEGal dispensary bought vape carts both failed. So please dont just think it’s the bm market that’s at fault.


Pretty sure cadmium leaching from solder joints and ending up in the vapor stream is what is causing this. No button draw through batteries are the worst


Best practices would be to consume vapor at a low temp


cDc thinks it’s vit e acetate at this point…

So vape bans are mostly hysteria


There are few places that seem to confirm the cadmium diagnosis. Not to say that gamma tocopherol acetate might not be a culprit, but there are 8 isomers of tocopherol acetate, and from my reading gamma is the problem child. https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/colorado-green-lab-cadmium-metal-fume-fever-series-vaping-lung-illnesses/


Please elaborate

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I’ll dig around for link, but there was a company specifically marketing tocopherol pens for asthma patients. @Future posted about in IG a few months back. As I remember they had thousands of patients with positive results.


I know that when I inhale small amounts of vitamin e with my dabs it serves to alleviate irritation. As soon as that amount increased to more than about 5% it starts being a little rough. Might be cuz I take big dabs though 🤷

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We’ve talked about the difference between alpha and gamma tocopherol in research in inflammatory response. There’s at least one paper that determined alpha tocopherol works as an antioxidant, but gamma tocopherol works in direct opposition of alpha tocopherol. It is also of note that while no human is allergic to the naturally occurring form of tocopherol, in rare instances humans can be allergic to the synthetic version of alpha tocopherol, dl-alpha tocopherol acetate.

Edit: while confirming terminology I came across something suggesting most synthetic tocopherol, which is marketed somewhat ambiguously as dl- tocopherol, contains all 8 racemic stereoisomers of tocopherol. Not necessarily to be confused with synthetic alpha tocopherol which is marketed as dl-alpha-tocopherol.


On purpose? Did u forget the italics?


I had to quite smoking dank smelly flower because many strains would make my lungs get super tight after a few hits. I have sense made crude honey in a rotovap and using terpenes bought online I have found a brand that doesn’t make my lungs get all tight when now “vaping” the oil instead of smoking flower. I now am in search of learning how to make my own so I know its purity for my oil. Ideally I’m looking to make the perfect oil for my F***** up lungs

Lol yes, on purpose. This was a good while back

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I sent in disty, the cart, the cart filled with just disty and a cart filled with disty and terps at 5% and it was the only one that failed. These were from heavy metal free carts and terps from one of the top analytical grade Terps in the market.


What did it fail for?

Sent to whom?

Arsenic, lead, cadium, and one other id have to check to paperwork. Evio labs


Please elaborate on what terps from where so we don’t get too ,please good Sir. Even if it’s an idk

The carts that was supposed to be heavy metals passing carts where were they from also. It’s time for sure

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Durban poison from floraplex, let me inform the cart guy before i give his name. They were everything he said they were they passed all tests. My friend owns a testing lab and he did all the testing you would normally do for heavy metals and they were exactly what i was told they would be, the only factor is the terps. They seem to be pulling stuff from the metal, these carts were never smoked so the cadium did not come from a battery


I think it might should go beyond if he wants it told man

If it’s the main Chinese distributor most ppl use now especially. Bc damn we could be killing ourselves if we picked the wrong terps

I may try the all stainless steel carts ascent offers my guy, or all ceramic fragile things

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