Terpene Market

What is everyone seeing on market value across the country for hemp and cannabis derived terpenes?

It seems recently that there is a huge variance in price as it pertains to quality (Like from $10-$120 per ml). I just want to get an idea of what everyone else is seeing across the industry in terms of a quality/price ratio to determine an idea of average pricing at various volumes.

How much do you pay per ml and at what volume do you get that price? How is the flavor, color and clarity. What part of the country are you in (North, South, East Coast, West Coast, etc)?

If anyone can provide a list of pricing by volume that would be super dope!

Thank you for your help. Cheers!


i just solid 1.5L for 25K they were 100% nat derived extracted with propane on live resin COA@99.9% terps


So to be clear, you sold cannabis terpenes that were extracted with propane and your COA came back showing 99.9% quantifiable terpene content? No Cannabinoids? And for $16.66 per mL ?


I have very low thc content also with fast
Cryo propane runs on live


I’ve never fully understood how people are getting “99% terps” on cannabis derived without using a more advanced lab. Most cannabis labs only test for 20-40 terpenes so unless there’s something I’m missing in the way they’re testing these then you’d assume there would be a good amount of unknowns


I’ve CO2 extracted terpenes from hemp, but I was nowhere near 100% terpenes. I think the highest I’ve seen is 25% terpenes. I’m not doing any post processing or filtering, so maybe there’s some room for improvement there. If there’s a market, I can supply.

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The CO2 hemp terps ive tried tasted like broccoli or cauliflower or something but by all means if you can make it happen we will try it at least once


I happen to have this one on my laptop, this wasn’t our best. I’d be willing to experiment with some filtering or centrifugal tech to clean it up if there was interest.

Looks like it’ll smell hempy. What was the cannabinoid content like 40ish?

Huh. Wonder what all the other stuff is. Were they cloudy/amber?

Cloudy, but goldish/yellow.

the terps were extracted from live resin then in the oven at 85f we ran the vac threw a cold trap (-150f) pulled 1.5L in 24 hrs during purge i have the coa still if you want i can dm


I would disagree. Its terps from a cold trap that smell bunk. CO2 derived terpenes are generally pretty good. Not exposed to solvents and relatively low temp. The biggest factor of course is what is present in your starting material, however, I think CO2 terpenes are a great product.


Some of the biggest companies use the cold trap method. You have to know how to clean them up. I have seen hay smelling terps cleaned up and taste pretty damn good for the starting quality of the material.

Interesting. Ive tried cleaning up terpenes by distilling them. It seems like every fraction I get has a bad smell. I would like to try chromatography, but thats down the list. Any other methods you guys know of to further process terpenes???

We have quite a bit CO2 extracted terps, however they do have a considerable amount of water in them. Thinking of trying a molecular sieve to remove the water. Any thoughts???

I’ve never had CO2 terps that really blow me away from THC or hemp strains. I don’t dislike them, they’re very smooth and natural tasting, but never have I got a really gassy or loud funk in CO2. I’m sure some people out there can do it. I’ve had CO2 oils that tasted great but the CO2 terps when isolated were always a little bland

I’m just surprised you found a lab that identified everything in it. Usually cannabis labs only ID like 20-40 different terpenes. I don’t doubt that it’s possible. I’d rather smell them than see a CoA haha

We’ve been pulling CO2 hemp terps that range 30-40% terpenes and 12-18% cannabinoids.

Can’t really weigh in on the market as I just work in the lab, and we haven’t really been pushing them yet.

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I’ve had a hard time finding a lab that could ID everything. I’ve got one batch that I got tested in Portland at two different labs, one lab came back with 98%+ terpenes and the other came back at 75% for the same sample.

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