Terpene in butane

Curious what peoples ways of maintaining their butane, and mitigating the terps that build up in it. Recovery line out of splatter, I use 3/8”id tubing with 3/8”mjic to barbed fitting. In short I have a clear hose between splatter and mol sieve. (With valves on either end and regular braided stainless in arm reach) but I can see the terps “flowing” along the bottom of the tube. I believe terps mess with stability of shatter. Just fully changed out tane also. Just some material seems to have more then others or the limolene also. But in short looking for what others do. Pondered a collection pool of some kind in the hose from splatter to lol sieve so terp could just drop down and collect, removing majority if it worked. Any thoughts?

Carbon would be good for injection

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A layer in the crc?

I would think the clear hose may be highly undesirable here, as most clear tubing is not going to be compatible with the solvents and terps involved here. Not really on topic, but you may want to check compatibilities, lest you accidentally extract some nasties from your hose in process.


No you want this after your solvent tank before injection coil . So you would want your own mini crc. Could probably get a 2 inch or 1.5 inch column. Make sure you have welded filters like a crc. Those screen gasket filters cause problems

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Carbon catches the terp and change out between runs? Is this common? Really don’t find much at all online with terps in tane even tho they’re all similar, I’m lead to believe. Just different enough to trickle along as tane flows by invisible. Is it common for people to deal with terps in tane? Do people really just vent massive amounts of tane clean tank and pour new tane into splatter recover in clean solvent tank? Seems such a pricy waste and gotta wait for windy day.

I hear you I don’t always use it. Just to gain vision. I’ll try to compare compatibility.

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Just cecked the tubing is nsf-61 polyethylene. Looks like I’m in the clear. Used it for exterior vent line for years now never cracks or hardens. So figured probably good but you got me to check. As I see it I’m all good on compatibility front at least.


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Which of those listed chemicals are you using to conclude “compatible with terpenes”?

Dang ummm. …

We’ll it’s a divergent topic. Valid enough. Until I find further on terpene interaction I’ll use it seldom. But the carbon stack on the dip tube. Is this common? I presume that what I’m dealing with can’t be unique to my bakery… but the search here or google come up with not much more then people pushing terps

are you using a pump on recovery? (that will probably move more terps into your solvent tank).

yes, terps end up in your solvent.
nope, most don’t give it a second thought.

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It does not commonly interfere with stability of shatter?

sure. most have also moved on from “shatter” and try to keep the terpenes in their extracts.

I’ve certainly looked at adding terp traps to rigs making shatter…but had better results pulling them first.


Not really enough to matter at all

5a mol sieves and above should capture some terps on recovery.


I hear this. Plans down pipe line for fresh frozen resin. Any other preferred directions of products that equate to the peoples desire? I know rosin is up there, but I have cls don’t wanna run a press. Didn’t put grands into a press although we have a lil one. I hear you tho there’s some fire out there and shatter locks the smell up so much. People don’t want shatter as much. “It’s so five years ago” lol. Seriously tho, iyo? I also do grow diamonds. Need to step up my crumble and batter ability. I see ones from other bakeries that are 1 & 1/2” thick bricks of crumble. Wanna get to that. Batter not sure just whip the shit out of it. Not sure prepurge or post purge. Sorry thinking in a tangent. Should probably just use the search bar. Opinions here are always well received as I see many others say, also. Thank you all.

No vac :exploding_head:
For wet batter no heat :exploding_head::exploding_head:
Your arm game better be on point :muscle:

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Now you guys have me wondering what if you made a sieve that was as big as your collection pot? I know, I know it would be a shit load of sieve beads and this sounds like bullshit and I just torched a bong pack but!!! would matching the diameter of your collection pot in sieve size be a good idea to try to remediate terps from tane?

Like if I ran a 6×12 collection then what if my sieve was also 6×12?

What then?


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