Taxable Substance > Non-taxed Substance

Weed guys are scared that hemp guys will devalue their crop.

States that tax crops and have vested interest in crop value will shut this down in every rec state.

Sad trombone noises and D8 covered funeral wreaths on your hemp hearse bois :disappointed:


This was @smokemeoutbruh master plan :joy::rofl::joy:

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Driving prices down with hemp-derived D9 would allow more free market competition, which is good for the consumer. Change my mind.

(I grow flower for med patients. I am merely playing devil’s advocate here)


It would devalue large investments made by license holders and hurt state tax revenue.

Patients can grow at home for free and don’t need converted distillate.


Thats exactly what was happening in Colorado when they started allowing converted products to be put in metric last july, it lasted less then a year and it sure as hell didn’t lower the price to consumers because it just allowed dispensaries to make larger profit margins on the product and it made it impossible for processors to compete with several distillate companies going out of business and people lost their jobs and livelihood the medical and recreational cannabis markets not a free market without being federally legalized like hemp


So their taxing hemp boys turning hot hemp or normal hemp into D8? Fucking based.

Finally. Too much dirty D8 going on in the industry.

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Homegrow > anything else

My states Dispensarys PUSH AGAINST homegrow except for 1 dispo but thats cause they wanna capitalize off selling their clones. Only reason why🤣 They don’t care about the patient.

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D8 is nothing here I’ve sold my high D9 conversion and D8/D9 chromotagrphy separation SOPs to several companies in Colorado, people were pushing 97% converted D9 liters for less then 3k while the dispensarys were still selling it for 45 a gram :man_facepalming:


Jesus. Market is fucked.

“Oy vey!! Buy a $1k-3k D8/D9 liter, falsely advertise, and sell for a 500% markup goy! You’re printing money!”

You said Dispensarys are doing that?

Or are dispos just taxing on D8 and the smoke shops buying D8/D9 mixtures? While the dispos jus tax on D8?

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What’s the biggest complaint about dispos? They cost too damn much because of taxes. The state still gets their tax revenue. The price drop would come out of raw product cost.

Who are you to say that I don’t need converted distillate? It’s not flower. I would like a price break on product. My med patients like to have product variety with carts, edibles and terped distillate too.

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So this doesn’t do anything for the consumer it just allows for hemp boys to take dollars from the cannabis guys while the Chad who owns the dispensary get richer